Current Adventurers

         Acefour                     -  Warmonger of do you like ace
         Addy Stat                   -  Magician of do you like ace
 Villain Arcane                      -  Archmage of do you like ace
 Villain Astro NomNomical            -  Guru of Diablo's Dinner
 Villain Barry Sanders               -  Death's Hand of Oblivion
    Good Bernie Madoff               -  Sensei of Diablo's Dinner
 Villain Bleh Mud                    -  Executioner of Murder Death Kill
    Good Brimstone                   -  Magebane
    Good Bros                        -  Shadow Master of S
    Good Busta Zeal                  -  High Justicar of White Males
    Good Crabby Crabcakes            -  Lama of RobeWearinMoFoS
 Villain Cumtard Swallower           -  Divine Messenger of Shitlords
 Villain Dark Soul                   -  Master Rogue of Shitlords
    Good Darkon                      -  Pontiff
         Don PTERYno                 -  Chanteur of Hardcore cuddlers
 Villain Dos Stat                    -  Master Rogue
         Egret Thiefgret             -  Crime Lord of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
         Frank Wheatley              -  Apprentice
 Villain Hannibal ButtPussy          -  Revenant of Shitlords
 Villain Hydroponic                  -  Executioner of White Males
    Good Krang Stat                  -  Swashbuckler of Dimension X
         Lan                         -  Timebender of Aes Sedai
Criminal Lazarus Redandgold          -  Hunter of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Longbeard DwarvCoc          -  Executioner of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Lucifer WillENDYou          -  Revelator of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
  Outlaw Manskank                    -  Grand Magus of Oblivion
 Villain Miserable Stat              -  Lord of the Hunt of White Males
    Good Mordecai AnalEase           -  Prophet of Oblivion
 Villain Mush HIGHpriest             -  High Priest of do you like ace
   FIEND Naruto RareStylst           -  Maestro of Laughing~Coffin
         Ptery P                     -  Gypsy Prince of Hardcore cuddlers
    Good Ra                          -  Diviner of By the power of RA
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Divine Messenger of House of Rage
 Villain Robb Foolz                  -  Rogue Prince of do you like ace
    Good Rotten                      -  Parson
    Good Scott Stevens               -  Rector of Oblivion
 Villain Shredder                    -  Master of the Way of do you like ace
    Good Sigh BeGoodish              -  Apprentice
 Villain Spike                       -  Nature's Fury of Diablo's Dinner
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  The Immovable of Oblivion
    Good Valiant Thor                -  Divine Emissary of White Males
 Villain Vile YeahkillYO             -  Ranger Lord of do you like ace
         White Privelege             -  Ranger Lady of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
  Outlaw Will BKillinU               -  Omnimancer of Oblivion
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Sword of Justice
    Good Wobble Gdhe                 -  Chosen of White Males
    Good Xeeg Mindless               -  Arbiter of Diminishing Minds