Current Adventurers

  Outlaw Ads                         -  Savant of TRUMP 2020
Criminal Angruin                     -  Dragoon of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
         Arcane                      -  Arcanist of TRUMP 2020
    Good Arinath                     -  Elementalist of Army of Juan
Criminal Arrogant SonHPMA            -  Courser of China Numba Wun
    Good Asmodeus                    -  Spellslinger
    Good Barra Cuda                  -  Elementalist of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
  Outlaw Barry Stat                  -  Demonhunter of GOZER
    Good Beaver LongTail             -  Cultivator
    Good Black Cracker               -  Monk of DevilBabiesOnCrack
  Outlaw Blaze Cannabis              -  Sage of GOZER
         Brazos Hopper               -  Guide
    Good Brewtus                     -  Rogue Priest of Vitamin K
    Good Bros                        -  Nightblade of Army of Juan
  Outlaw Busta                       -  Sensei of Army of Juan
Criminal Chinaman                    -  Maharishi of China Numba Wun
  Outlaw Crabby Crabcakes            -  Magician of 1190AM-KQQZ
    Good Crono Trigger               -  Sensei of Army of Juan
    Good Donald Trump                -  Parson of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Dose                        -  Monk Lord of Army of Juan
    Good Eazy St                     -  Pontiff of Army of Juan
         Fattony                     -  Infiltrator of GOZER
  Outlaw Freedom Grin                -  Voyager of Traveling Assassins
    Good Furian Shadow               -  Killer of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
Criminal Gandhi                      -  Magician of Ebb of Days
         Gnomeo Dagypc               -  Trickster
    Good Greg Par                    -  Pontiff of TRUMP 2020
    Good Gypsy                       -  Witness of Contrarium
    Good Headcase FuckYou            -  Nightstalker of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
Criminal Hellknight Ewgwe            -  Guide of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Jabby YouSoHard             -  Entertainer
    Good Jackote                     -  Apprentice
Criminal Jovial Monk                 -  Sensei of TRUMP 2020
    Good Khan Iloveutho              -  Parson of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
Criminal Kinson Ravenlocke           -  Infiltrator
    Good Kongol Dragoon              -  Monk of Vitamin K
  Outlaw Kvothe Par                  -  Minstrel of Traveling Assassins
Criminal Lan                         -  Courser of Aes Sedai
    Good Lazarus Redngold            -  Dragoon of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Leo Nidus                   -  Student
    Good Lockout Nw                  -  Crusader of Army of Juan
    Good Lucifer WillKEELu           -  Oracle of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Luke Duke                   -  Monk Lord of Army of Juan
    Good Majestic Dragoness          -  Nature's Servant of MajesticDragonaires
    Good Manga                       -  Disciple
    Good Many Stat                   -  Eradicator of Aes Sedai
    Good Missionary                  -  Scallywag of Contrarium
    Good Morty AwJEEZRick            -  Murderer of GOZER
    Good Naruto Reboot               -  Troubadour of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
  Outlaw Pal                         -  Guide of TRUMP 2020
  Outlaw Persy Telamon               -  Disciple of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Pornocreep HonkHonk         -  Apprentice of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Potato Dumpling             -  Oracle of Potato Collusion
    Good Rab                         -  Spellbreaker
  Outlaw Rage Bloodwrath             -  Courser of House of Rage
    Good Rapey Panda                 -  Cabalist of It Berns when I Pea
  Outlaw Robb Foolz                  -  Cutpurse
    Good Ryujin Dragonkind           -  Squire
Criminal Scott BonerChamp            -  Woodsman of GOZER
Criminal Shredder                    -  Sensei of TRUMP 2020
    Good Statik Kun                  -  Sensei of Army of Juan
    Good Tank WifHeals               -  Fighter Priest
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Warrior Priest of GOZER
    Good Titan Uselantern            -  Guardian of China Numba Wun
    Good Valiant Thor                -  Diviner of Army of Juan
    Good Vile LovesYou               -  Cavalier of TRUMP 2020
    Good Vyre Blah                   -  Nature's Servant of Army of Juan
Criminal Wayne TheHicks              -  Parson of GOZER
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Apprentice
Criminal Xian IsBack                 -  Sorcerer of .Greater Gang.
 Villain Zelda Hyrulian              -  Pontiff of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
Criminal Zen Stat                    -  Evangelist of China Numba Wun