Current Adventurers

 Villain Barry Sanders               -  Death's Hand of Oblivion
 Villain Cam J                       -  Supreme Archmagi of Oblivion
   Saint Circe HasBigDick            -  Archmage of Hero in a Half Shell
    Good Donald Trump                -  Curate
   Saint Duhh Stat                   -  Lady Justice of Oblivion
         Exide Arabellan             -  Kai Lord of Crimson Warlords
 Villain Game Ova                    -  Grand Exemplar of Oblivion
   Saint Headcase                    -  Knight of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
   Saint Knowone Dark                -  Menace
         Krawl IntoYou               -  Voice of God of Crimson Warlords
    Good Lucifer TheFuc              -  Infiltrator of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
   Saint Manskank                    -  High Priest of Oblivion
         Minion                      -  Supreme Archmagi of House of Rage
   Saint PTERY FahQ                  -  High Druid of 50 lbs of fucks
         Rage Bloodwrath             -  Nature's Spirit of House of Rage
   Saint Repent                      -  Voice of God of Crimson Warlords
   Saint Sinister DAMinister         -  High Priest of Oblivion
   Saint TEFERI                      -  Wizard of 50 lbs of fucks
   Saint Urg Gbls                    -  Grand Exemplar of Oblivion
   Saint Vitoc                       -  Apprentice
    Good Wired                       -  Nightstalker of HARDCORE CRIMINALS