Current Adventurers

    Good Amy Tige                    -  Lama of OBAMA 2020
         Arcane                      -  Voice of the Aether of TRUMP 2020
 Villain Beep Job                    -  Omnimancer of Shinoogies
    Good Blad Ranger                 -  Excursionist
    Good Bros                        -  Shadowlord of Army of Juan
         Burn Stat                   -  Adept
   FIEND Cleansing                   -  Archon of old fridge
    Good Donald Trump                -  Divine Prophet of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
 Villain Double Drop                 -  Shinobi of Shinoogies
    Good Eazy St                     -  Archdeity of Traveling Assassins
         Ezio                        -  High Pontiff of Shinoogies
 Villain Fattony                     -  Archangel of GOZER
 Villain Freedom Hand                -  Master of Fate of Traveling Assassins
    Good Frigger You                 -  Woodland Protector of Vitamin K
 Villain Grue True                   -  The Transcendent of PITCH BLACK
    Good Headcase BiteMe             -  Death's Hand of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Jackote                     -  Apprentice of WokeTopia
    Good Kongol Dragoon              -  The Ascended of Vitamin K
   FIEND Krawl IntoYou               -  Nature's Fury of Was A Time
 Villain Lazarus Redngold            -  Kai Weaver of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
 Villain Lumpy Milk                  -  Kingpin of old fridge
    Good Manga                       -  The Ascended of Vitamin K
    Good Neutral                     -  Eradicator
         Oni                         -  Occultist
 Villain Rage Bloodwrath             -  Primal Avatar of House of Rage
 Villain Scott                       -  Primal Avatar of GOZER
 Villain Shu Rammusson               -  Famous Dandy of Vitamin K
    Good Slobb Knobb                 -  Lama
 Villain Tanaka                      -  Spear of the Wild of Shinoogies
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Shield of the Faith of GOZER