Current Adventurers

Criminal Arrogant Stat               -  Wizard of Healp Wanted
    Good Astro Stat                  -  Visionary
Criminal Atolicus Mant               -  Guru of White Males
 Villain Barry FUCKYOU               -  Shadow's Embrace of Oblivion
         Beaver JellyBean            -  High Druid of Vigilante Supremacy
    Good Bonesaw                     -  Sonnateer of Medicci
    Good Bros                        -  Executioner of S
    Good Busta Zeal                  -  Lord Justice of White Males
Criminal Crabby Crabcakes            -  Guru of RobeWearinMoFoS
Criminal Crack Stat                  -  Magus
    Good Cuda Barra                  -  Arcanist of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
 Villain Daemon                      -  Ranger Lord of Oblivion
         Dickwad                     -  Vicar of Hardcore cuddlers
         Don Shipley                 -  Swashbuckler of Hardcore cuddlers
 Villain Earthquake S                -  Seer of Vigilante Supremacy
    Good Geidiprime                  -  Annihilator of White Males
    Good Genie                       -  Chancellor of The Syndicate
    Good Godfrey Cockswain           -  Templar of Care Bears
    Good Headcase                    -  Templar of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Healp Me                    -  Archbishop of Healp Wanted
    Good Hoggle HealYou              -  Cardinal of Healp Wanted
   FIEND Jengo Unchained             -  Visionary of Laughing~Coffin
    Good Jyna                        -  Explorer of Medicci
    Good Kenpachi Zaraki             -  Magebane of Soul Society
         Lan                         -  Theurgist of Aes Sedai
Criminal Lazarus Redandgold          -  Courser of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Longbeard DwarvCoc          -  Nightblade of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
Criminal Malagant Prick              -  Hunter of White Males
 Villain Manskank                    -  Timebender of Oblivion
    Good Many MoonsAgo               -  Gladiator
         Meatybone                   -  Faithbringer of Hardcore cuddlers
 Villain Naruto DemonFox             -  Songweaver of Laughing~Coffin
         Natas Kaupas                -  Warrior Mage of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
    Good Ptery CheapShot             -  Visionary of Hardcore cuddlers
 Villain Qanon Monk                  -  Kai Master of Oblivion
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Faithbringer of House of Rage
    Good Sigh BeGoodish              -  Apprentice
 Villain Spike                       -  Hunter of Vigilante Supremacy
         Stunt Jumper                -  Underlord of Mery Men
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Divine Protector of Oblivion
Criminal Tronimal Burnz              -  Monk Lord of Vigilante Supremacy
    Good Urg GODOFGMUD               -  Apprentice of INVSTIGTIONUNDERWY
    Good Valiant Thor                -  Divine Messenger of Vigilante Supremacy
         White Lines                 -  Pathfinder of HARDCORE CRIMINALS
Criminal Will BKillinU               -  High Shaman of Oblivion
 Villain Willl FuckYou               -  High Druid of 0blivion
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Apprentice
    Good Wobble                      -  Archbishop of Healp Wanted
         Xian Slepwill               -  Archmage of White Males
         Yoinkz YourShit             -  Rogue Prince of Mery Men