Current Adventurers

         Ace                         -  Auxiliary
    Good Allanon                     -  Naturalist of Fun Doodle Noodle
    Good An Abc                      -  Dabbler
         Arcane                      -  Adept
    Good Arnold                      -  Excursionist of House of Rage
         Barry Sanders               -  Cutthroat of Fun Doodle Noodle
    Good Beaver                      -  Rascal of PAnon
    Good Berem Kun                   -  Witness of House of Rage
         Bolverk                     -  Apprentice
    Good Booty                       -  Missionary Novice of House of Rage
    Good Brazos Hopper               -  Initiate
    Good Bros                        -  Venerator of The Salvation
         Bunghole ScottsDupe         -  Knave of PAnon
    Good Burial                      -  Pilferer of Diminishing Minds
    Good Chunk                       -  Witness of House of Rage
         Daimyo Reckless             -  Jester of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Danken Btanken              -  Persecutor of Fun Doodle Noodle
         Deathtrap Killer            -  Menace of Lone Star
    Good Dilligaf TrogdorLev         -  Auxiliary of PAnon
    Good Dillweed MD                 -  Curate of House of Rage
         Doctor Who                  -  Student
    Good Donald Trump                -  Clergyman
    Good Eazy Par                    -  Illusionist of House of Rage
    Good Fattony                     -  Initiate of PAnon
         Headcase                    -  Knave
    Good Illaoi BurnsAll             -  Prestidigator of LongIslandLegends!
    Good Jackote VitocDupe           -  Apprentice
Criminal Jeezy TrapOrDie             -  Witness of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Jehuty IllWind              -  Dabbler of Laughing~Coffin
    Good Lazarus Redgold             -  Auxiliary of PAnon
         Lefty A                     -  Clergyman of PAnon
    Good Luke Duke                   -  Magehunter of Fun Doodle Noodle
    Good Manga                       -  Clergyman of PAnon
         Memory                      -  Acolyte of Diminishing Minds
    Good Menace Undead               -  Venerator of Fun Doodle Noodle
Criminal Midgar Slums                -  Cutthroat of .x(bitcoin)x.
         Musashi                     -  Menace
         Naruto UGK                  -  Jester of Laughing~Coffin
    Good Natas                       -  Magehunter of Sainted Taints
         Negra                       -  Initiate of PAnon
         Orion                       -  Trickster of House of Rage
         Plastic Cup                 -  Witchunter Novice
         Ptery SuperGuy              -  Cultivator of PAnon
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Scout of House of Rage
    Good Rapey                       -  Jester of PAnon
         Ryujin Dragonkind           -  Student
Criminal Satoshi Nakamoto            -  Excursionist of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Scott                       -  Naturalist of PAnon
         Shredder                    -  Student
    Good Slobb Strange               -  Excursionist
Criminal Sludger                     -  Disciple of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Snooch                      -  Squire of House of Rage
         Snyariel Beatroot           -  Naturalist of House of Rage
    Good Solo                        -  Magehunter of PAnon
    Good Taiwan IsANation            -  Disciple of Fun Doodle Noodle
    Good Teferi HTTPS                -  Lyricist of PAnon
    Good Terminus                    -  Cutthroat
         Thermo NukeBomb             -  Auxiliary
    Good Thesifer WazHere            -  Student of Butthole Surfers
    Good Thumper LovesYou            -  Magehunter of Fun Doodle Noodle
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Knave of PAnon
    Good Trogdor Burninator          -  Adept of PAnon
    Good Vagina Flaps                -  Strider of Cock Suckers
    Good Voodoom Par                 -  Excursionist of PAnon
    Good Warbeast OurHero            -  Strider of WarFront
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Apprentice
    Good Xeeg Mindless               -  Pilferer of Diminishing Minds
    Good Ynot Both                   -  Disciple
         Zelda                       -  Student
    Good Zoran X                     -  Lyricist of House of Rage