Current Adventurers

 Villain Abuk                        -  The Hand
    Good Ace                         -  Divine Aegis of Ram Ranch
 Villain Alatar                      -  Wizard of Master of Puppets
    Good Anathenia                   -  Paladin Novice
 Villain Arcane                      -  Arcane Conduit of Ram Ranch
    Good Assalumu Alaikum            -  Deceiver of PAnon
 Villain Barry Soetoro               -  Death Incarnate of Agressive Caresses
    Good Beaver LongTail             -  Magsman of Island Bois
 Villain Black Sheep                 -  Predator of <DAGGER]xxx@
         Bolverk St                  -  High Shaman of Ancient Citadel
    Good Bonecold                    -  Witchflayer of PAnon
   FIEND Boondock HeyThere           -  Lord of the Hunt of Ancient Citadel
    Good Booty                       -  Divine Emissary of House of Rage
    Good Bros                        -  Eternal Bulwark of House of Rage
   FIEND Buttfart Ohyah              -  Battlemage of T For Texas
    Good Coravel                     -  Excursionist
    Good Craken Skullz               -  Chosen of YOL9X
    Good Dace Isnt                   -  Sword of Justice of AMTAIT
 Villain Damon NoobKiller            -  Mastermind of LARPers Immortalz
    Good Dickwad                     -  Predator of PAnon
    Good Dillweed Brunch             -  Voice of God of House of Rage
    Good Doctor Who                  -  Kai Weaver of House of Rage
    Good Dogar Skin                  -  Maharishi
    Good Donald Trump                -  High Ecclesiast of .x(bitcoin)x.
 Villain Doodle Train                -  Executioner of Master of Puppets
    Good Draken X                    -  Tracker of House of Rage
    Good Duergar Mage                -  Hero of Chocolate Twizzlers
   FIEND Eazy AsltSpacel             -  Arcane Conduit of House of Rage
    Good Hanzo                       -  Monk of PAnon
    Good Headcase                    -  Grand Exemplar of .x(bitcoin)x.
         Hilda Riccar                -  Theurgist of NBD
    Good Hogre Roger                 -  Auxiliary
    Good Hue G                       -  Kai Lord of Aroused Jolene
    Good Hulk Smash                  -  Avenger of YOL9X
         Innagadda Davida            -  Archdruid of PAnon
    Good Jackote VitocDupe           -  Apprentice
    Good Joey Bidin                  -  Nature's Fury of PAnon
Criminal Junk Collector              -  Reverend of NBD
    Good Just Doit                   -  Faithbringer of Chocolate Twizzlers
         Justin Time                 -  Master Hunter of <B.U.M.>
    Good Komrade Joe                 -  Master Confessor of House of Rage
 Villain Kyle RH                     -  High Priest of Master of Puppets
    Good Lazarus TheLazy             -  Divine Protector of PAnon
    Good Loki Hmm                    -  Tracker of Cobra Kai
         Lola Schmola                -  Courser
    Good Meatybone                   -  The Glorified of PAnon
    Good Meeyat Veness               -  Shamaness
    Good Memory                      -  The Immovable of House of Rage
         Mendon Zo                   -  First Knight of <B.U.M.>
    Good Mergatroid                  -  High Priestess of <BOWIE>
 Villain Midgar SectrSeven           -  Hand of the Unseen of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Muhadiep Deepend            -  Guardian
    Good Myrddin ThiccCock           -  Elder Wizard of Aroused Jolene
    Good Napalm                      -  Lama of <BOWIE>
    Good One Funkgirl                -  Apostle of PAnon
 Villain Orlok                       -  Shadow Master of Master of Puppets
    Good Phrixas LichKiller          -  Miyagi of YOL9X
Criminal Ptery Assbuckle             -  High Shaman of PAnon
 Villain Rage Bloodwrath             -  Ranger General of House of Rage
         Rapey Panda                 -  Maestro of PAnon
    Good Razor Sharp                 -  Iconoclast of Ancient Citadel
    Good Rhip City                   -  High Inquisitor of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Rush                        -  Sharper of <DAGGER]xxx@
 Villain Scott                       -  Seer of PAnon
    Good Sedgewick TheRock           -  High Cleric of <B.U.M.>
 Villain Shaft JOHNSHAFT             -  Whisper of Death of Private Dick
    Good Shetan                      -  High Ecclesiast of Ancient Citadel
 Villain Shredder                    -  The Transcendent of Ram Ranch
         Snooch Prev                 -  Grand Crusader of House of Rage
    Good Sroc Ignis                  -  Yogi of Ancient Citadel
 Villain Teferi TwoPtFive            -  Grand Magus of PAnon
    Good Thats Enough                -  Tracker
    Good Thedoctor Chimpanzee        -  Kai Lord of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Thesifer Blade              -  Kai Lord of .x(bitcoin)x.
         Thumper LovesYou            -  Witchflayer of House of Rage
 Villain Tiny Rick                   -  Executioner of PAnon
    Good Trajan Polyander            -  Witchflayer of House of Rage
    Good Urg GodofDemo               -  Apprentice
    Good Vagina Drips                -  Lady of the Hunt of .x(bitcoin)x.
 Villain Vile ExecutionR             -  Supreme Kai of Ram Ranch
    Good Warbeast OurHero            -  Pathfinder of House of Rage
Criminal White Mattermost            -  Magus of Master of Puppets
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Supreme Justice of test gang
  Outlaw Xian                        -  Archmage of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Ynot Stat                   -  Presbyter of .x(bitcoin)x.
    Good Zek Kek                     -  Archmage of PuffballMushrooms