Current Adventurers

         Arax Spindreft              -  Will of the Divine of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Ashe TheKiller              -  High Battlemage of dragonriders
    Good Athoros Healer              -  Demigod of Reliable Sources
   FIEND Baelen                      -  High Spellsong of dragonriders
    Good Batleth MawQeh              -  High Cleric
Criminal Bench Press                 -  Annihilator
    Good Blitz XXX                   -  Lord Magus of dragonriders
    Good Bluesky                     -  Guru of "Men's Room"
   FIEND Boost Pressure              -  Yogi of dragonriders
    Good Bortas MawQeh               -  Assassin
         Candice                     -  Sorcerer of dragonriders
    Good Cobble Battlehamm           -  Chosen of Reliable Sources
    Good Cthulhu Ftaaaghn            -  Guardian
    Good Des Troy                    -  Eternal Bulwark of Tainted Saints
 Villain Dogar Medi                  -  Wizard
   FIEND Draven TheStarr             -  Unstoppable Force of dragonriders
   FIEND Faith Healer                -  Divine Prophet of dragonriders
    Good Falcon XXXX                 -  High Justicar of dragonriders
    Good Fantine                     -  Sword of the Divine of The Suicide Squad
    Good Fatcrow Palpatine           -  Voice of the Aether of Reliable Sources
         Flyman Fiddy                -  Maharishi
    Good Fwank Prev                  -  Sword of the Divine of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Gaegogi Bosintang           -  Primal Avatar of The Suicide Squad
    Good Gaul Stone                  -  Will of the Divine of The Suicide Squad
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Dread Juggernaut of Tainted Saints
Criminal Habib                       -  Assassin of dragonriders
         Halfasst                    -  Naturalist
 Villain Hardened                    -  Presbyter of dadjokes
         Hellrazor Stat              -  Champion of dragonriders
   FIEND Hobo SuperBuM               -  Playboy of The Suicide Squad
    Good Hurricane Omega             -  The Immovable of The Suicide Squad
    Good Ingo                        -  Veteran
    Good Jade Sparkles               -  Arcane Conduit of House of Rage
   FIEND Kaelen                      -  Juggernaut
   FIEND Kats Meow                   -  Unstoppable Force of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Killface                    -  Predator of dragonriders
   FIEND Kit Ten                     -  Shadow's Embrace of The Suicide Squad
    Good Lonestar Trail              -  Grand Crusader of Tainted Saints
    Good Madrick X                   -  Overlord of Reliable Sources
   FIEND Midnight Blight             -  Playboy of A Night's Terror
         Milos Formos                -  Sage
    Good Mobias X                    -  Deicide of dragonriders
         Nero                        -  Voice of God of Creeping Death
   FIEND Nightmare Slayer            -  Death Incarnate of dragonriders
    Good Opwinter                    -  Apprentice
    Good Placido Par                 -  Divine Prophet of Reliable Sources
    Good Quilp Heap                  -  Divine Champion of Tainted Saints
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Demigod of House of Rage
   FIEND Reveal Revisited            -  Presbyter of dragonriders
   FIEND Riik                        -  Master Hunter of dragonriders
    Good Rough                       -  Supremus of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Saitama                     -  Shinobi of dragonriders
    Good Santostfm                   -  Gallant
    Good Self Destruct               -  Divine Champion of dragonriders
    Good Shinto Stat                 -  Squire
    Good Sparhawk                    -  One with the Cosmos of Tainted Saints
    Good Squid Sefesa                -  Chosen of dragonriders
 Villain Stormy Daniel               -  Eldritch Lord of dragonriders
    Good Taeron Silvares             -  Gallant
 Villain Tempered                    -  Presbyter of dadjokes
    Good Threegirlz OneCup           -  Voice of God of dragonriders
   FIEND Thumper TheSexy             -  Dread Confessor of dragonriders
    Good Tinydude Picklerick         -  Sword of Justice of Tainted Saints
 Villain Tobias Par                  -  Presbyter of dragonriders
   FIEND Tomoe Pl                    -  Death Incarnate of Reliable Sources
  Outlaw Trusk                       -  Spellbinder of dragonriders
 Villain Twogirlz OneCup             -  The Transcendent of dragonriders
   FIEND Violent Nightmaer           -  Primal Avatar of dragonriders
    Good Vitoc Jitsi                 -  Apprentice of Shaved Nipples
    Good Wad Hrmjabba                -  The Ascended of The Suicide Squad
         Whiteout Blur               -  Grand Magus of dragonriders
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Sword of the Divine of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Zadarak Belamorge           -  Yogi of Reliable Sources
         Zero Boar                   -  The Ascended of dragonriders
    Good Zoltran Sorcy               -  Supreme Archmagi of Tainted Saints