Current Adventurers

    Good Attila Xxxx                 -  Tracker
    Good Blitz XXXX                  -  Grand Magus of dragonriders
    Good Bluesky AllDay              -  The Ascended of dragonriders
    Good Braudin Silversand          -  Avenger of Forty Four Bananas
    Good Cashollary                  -  Gallant
    Good Cisna Horc                  -  Hero
    Good Dichotomy Stat              -  Pastor
    Good Dragonslay Boomer           -  Timebender of dragonriders
   FIEND Faith Healer                -  Demigod of dragonriders
    Good Falcon Xxxx                 -  Grand Crusader of dragonriders
    Good Heart Stat                  -  Weaponmaster
    Good Jellydonut                  -  Disciple
    Good Lyric Silvares              -  Arcane Conduit of Low Effort
         Nickcave                    -  Magus of dragonriders
    Good Nicsa Zeal                  -  Zealot
   FIEND Nightmare Stat              -  Shinobi of dragonriders
    Good Opwinter                    -  Apprentice
    Good Quilp Heap                  -  Sword of the Divine of Tainted Saints
    Good Riverchild DeathChild       -  Oracle of Forty Four Bananas
    Good Stagger Lee                 -  High Inquisitor of dragonriders
    Good Starsky AtNight             -  Archdeity of dragonriders
    Good Syzygy Fushi                -  Gallant
    Good Taeron Silvares             -  Force of Nature of Low Effort
         Thomas Covenant             -  Wayfarer of Forty Four Bananas
    Good Vitoc Jitsi                 -  Apprentice of Stoily Otools
    Good Zoltran Zinth               -  Voice of the Aether of Tainted Saints
    Good Zwutter                     -  Magehunter