Current Adventurers

    Good Ace                         -  Hand of the Unseen of TRUMP 2024
         Ammandor Moonspawn          -  Explorer of Disposable Heroes
    Good Antigen                     -  Vicar
    Good Aria Drake                  -  Omnimancer of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Arthur Pendragon            -  Praetor of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Aylen Doomsonnet            -  Playboy of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Azii Ragequit               -  Demigod of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Baelen                      -  The Ascended of Disposable Heroes
         Beanis Weanis               -  Zealot of Disposable Heroes
    Good Bemir                       -  Will of the Divine of Tainted Saints
         Benjabum                    -  Pathfinder of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Blackath Darkness           -  High Pontiff of Disposable Heroes
    Good Bluesky Druid               -  High Shaman of Disposable Heroes
         Bob TheSlob                 -  Champion
         Boonaga PalOfMine           -  Sword of the Divine of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Boost Pressure              -  Shinobi of Disposable Heroes
    Good Cleavage Zelenskyy          -  Weaponmistress
    Good Cotillion                   -  Lama of Disposable Heroes
  Outlaw Crunchy                     -  Shaman of HoopSnoopSoupGroup!
    Good Cytrik Smash                -  Lord Justice of Disposable Heroes
    Good Dastivus                    -  Death's Hand of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   Seedy Disrupt Toall               -  Mageslayer of HoopSnoopSoupGroup!
   FIEND Duhh                        -  Vagrant Lord of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Elissia                     -  Divine Prophet of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Elscott                     -  Primal Avatar of GOZER
    Good Endel Anaga                 -  Heart of the Wild of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Failwhale Stabber           -  Kingpin of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Forged Trav                 -  Playgirl of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Fujin                       -  The Ascended of Disposable Heroes
    Good Fwank                       -  Praetor of Disposable Heroes
    Good Gaijin                      -  Woodsman
    Good Gaul Stone                  -  Divine Aegis of Disposable Heroes
         Ggandt GodIsBiden           -  Sword of the Divine of Tainted Saints
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Overlord of Disposable Heroes
    Good Guntz TheDunce              -  Will of the Divine of Tainted Saints
    Good Hijinks Dajinxsta           -  Apprentice of Epitaph.
   FIEND Juan Revedo                 -  Master Assassin of Tronald Dump
    Good Kaelen                      -  Divine Prophet of Disposable Heroes
    Good Kage Stat                   -  Sensei
    Good Kalten XXX                  -  Divine Aegis of Disposable Heroes
    Good Karevik                     -  Heart of the Wild of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Karnack Magnifico           -  Arcane Conduit of Dullards
         Keef FeeK                   -  Shinobi of Tainted Saints
         Kezia Dyson                 -  Praetor of ~*Eldritch Order*~
         Korihor                     -  Ranger Lord of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lemon Lime                  -  Demigod of Citrus Manhandlers
   FIEND Lews Par                    -  Supremus of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Lime Lemon                  -  Primal Avatar of Citrus Manhandlers
    Good Lonestar XXX                -  Praetor of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lordtor Anaga               -  God Hunter of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lot OfLove                  -  The Ascended of Disposable Heroes
         Lucius Severus              -  Sword of the Divine of Tainted Saints
    Good Muddy Water                 -  Grand Magus of Dullards
    Good Mudop                       -  Apprentice
    Good Mulligan OHara              -  High Justicar of Dullards
    Good Muzu                        -  Archon of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Nut Stat                    -  Diviner of Disposable Heroes
    Good Nybeans Beanz               -  Ranger Lord of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND One                         -  The Ascended of Disposable Heroes
    Good Orphic                      -  Sage
    Good Paganloft Wyrmhunter        -  Crusader
         Pea Nut                     -  Lama of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Possessed SquishMage        -  Wizard of Disposable Heroes
    Good Quokka Sokka                -  Crusader of This Is Serious Mum
   FIEND Raijin                      -  Voice of God of Disposable Heroes
         Rand AlThor                 -  Sword of the Divine of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Remy IsBack                 -  Chancellor of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Reveal Resigned             -  Playboy of Disposable Heroes
    Good Rhalin TheMage              -  Voice of the Aether of Tainted Saints
    Good Ron Juanica                 -  Rector of Tronald Dump
    Good Ryor                        -  Eldritch Lady of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Saitama HeroForFun          -  Essence of Kai of Disposable Heroes
    Good Scott                       -  High Pontiff of GOZER
         Screech Roomba              -  Archdeity of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Starsky Mage                -  Supreme Archmagi of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Sylvan IsDrunk              -  Musician of Disposable Heroes
Criminal Toymonster                  -  Guru of Disposable Heroes
    Good Tyralion                    -  High Justicar of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Uncle ElcnU                 -  One with the Cosmos of Tainted Saints
         Wambulance                  -  Will of the Divine of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Praetor of Tainted Saints
         Yang Yin                    -  Overlord of Tainted Saints
         Yatta                       -  Heart of the Wild of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Yin Foce                    -  Playboy of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Zero                        -  Demigod of Disposable Heroes