Current Adventurers

    Good Ace                         -  Executioner of TRUMP 2024
   FIEND Adina Nicola                -  Master Huntress of Disposable Heroes
    Good Angel Sin                   -  Guru of Disposable Heroes
         Aphinneas                   -  Arcanist of House of Rage
    Good Argh                        -  Zealot of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Aria Drake                  -  Cultivator
    Good Arthur Pendragon            -  Champion of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Avicron Roe                 -  Chosen of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Aylen Doomsonnet            -  Songweaver of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Azii Ragequit               -  Prophet of Disposable Heroes
    Good Azrael X                    -  Master of the Way of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Baelen                      -  Kai Master of Disposable Heroes
    Good Because IsaidSO             -  Nature's Spirit of Disposable Heroes
    Good Bemir                       -  High Cleric of Tainted Saints
    Good Blackath Darkness           -  Kai Lord of Disposable Heroes
    Good Bluesky Cleric              -  Chancellor of Disposable Heroes
    Good Boonaga PalOfMine           -  Grand Exemplar of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Boost Pressure              -  Hand of the Unseen of Disposable Heroes
    Good Bootee                      -  Chancellor of House of Rage
   FIEND Braudin Lightsand           -  High Priest of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Brazos Hopper               -  Wizard of RumRomanismRebelion
   FIEND Breezy Geezy                -  Shadow Master of Epitaph.
    Good Buckles Firebane            -  High Ecclesiast of Disposable Heroes
         Caprica Six                 -  Assassin of Tainted Saints
Criminal Carole                      -  Nightblade of House of Rage
    Good Cashollary                  -  Sword of Justice of Tainted Saints
    Good Chigs                       -  Templar
    Good Chocolate Scorpion          -  Sword of Justice of Tainted Saints
 Villain Chubias                     -  Minstrel of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Cornpop Bunghole            -  Ranger Lord of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Corpse Stinky               -  Guru of Disposable Heroes
    Good Cuddly Panda                -  Annihilator of Taco Shop
    Good Curzon Dax                  -  Illusionist of Disposable Heroes
    Good Dagda                       -  Kai Warrior
    Good Dalvik                      -  Master Hunter of Tainted Saints
    Good Darkon Draco                -  Faithbringer of Scruffy Dragons
    Good Dastivus                    -  Executioner of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Deej                        -  Lord of Nature of Epitaph.
    Good Dij On                      -  Witchflayer of Epitaph.
    Good Dilligaf                    -  Champion of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Disraeli Gears              -  Swashbuckler of Tainted Saints
 Villain Dogar Medi                  -  Lama of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Donatelo L                  -  High Priest of House of Rage
    Good Dredd                       -  Sensei of Squad 11
    Good Dresden Darkfiend           -  Chaplain
   FIEND Drops Par                   -  Magsman of House of Rage
    Good Drumheller                  -  Guardian
Criminal Duguay                      -  Troubadour
    Good Eazy E                      -  Lama of House of Rage
    Good Elissia                     -  Cardinal of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Elscott                     -  Ranger Lord of ~*Eldritch Order*~
Criminal Empath Y                    -  Magician
    Good Endel Anaga                 -  Astromancer of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Eric                        -  Shadow Master of Disposable Heroes
    Good Erlang Shen                 -  Rector of Epitaph.
    Good Evilone Willgetyou          -  Magician
         Ezri Dax                    -  Chancellor of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Failwhale Stabber           -  The Hand of Disposable Heroes
    Good Faith Healer                -  Cardinal of Disposable Heroes
    Good Falcon XXXX                 -  Templar of Disposable Heroes
    Good Father Time                 -  Chosen of Tainted Saints
         Fattony                     -  Murderer of GOZER
   FIEND Forged Internals            -  Artiste of Disposable Heroes
    Good Fwank                       -  Lord Justice of Disposable Heroes
    Good Gaius Baltar                -  The Hand of Tainted Saints
    Good Gargamel Bubbles            -  Erudite
    Good Gaul Stone                  -  Rector of Disposable Heroes
    Good Geezy Breezy                -  Supreme Justice of Epitaph.
    Good Gev Ian                     -  High Warlord of Epitaph.
    Good Ggandt PrzHisNAME           -  Grand Exemplar of Tainted Saints
 Villain Gladio Operation            -  Songweaver of RumRomanismRebelion
    Good Greendo Greendar            -  Virtuoso of Tainted Saints
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Weaponmaster of Disposable Heroes
    Good Grommet                     -  First Knight of Tainted Saints
    Good Guntz TheDunce              -  High Cleric of Tainted Saints
    Good Hermit                      -  Witchflayer of Epitaph.
    Good Hijinks Dajinxsta           -  Apprentice of Epitaph.
    Good Hmph                        -  Chancellor of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Hosoi                       -  Astromancer of Disposable Heroes
    Good Hotrod                      -  Acolyte
    Good Infogold                    -  Magician of GOZER
    Good Jade Leaf                   -  Astromancer of House of Rage
    Good Jellydonut                  -  Kai Lord of Tainted Saints
    Good Jesus Christ                -  Diviner of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Jolene Jlevnel              -  Swordsmage of Tainted Saints
    Good Kael Mystic                 -  Seeker
    Good Kaelen                      -  Archbishop of Disposable Heroes
         Kalina                      -  Traveler
    Good Kalten XXX                  -  Chancellor of Disposable Heroes
  Outlaw Kaput                       -  Monk Lord of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Karevik                     -  Savant of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Karnack DMagnifico          -  Magician
 Villain Kats Meow                   -  Visionary of Disposable Heroes
    Good Katy Buns                   -  Heroine of Lexxy's Lassies
    Good Keef                        -  Executioner of Tainted Saints
    Good Kefka                       -  Lord Magus of Disposable Heroes
         Kermit Dupe                 -  High Mage of Epitaph.
    Good Kidian                      -  Sensei of Squad 11
    Good Kit Purrs                   -  Apostle of Disposable Heroes
    Good Kivlad                      -  Annihilator of Tainted Saints
    Good Lews Therin                 -  Diabolist of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lexxy Nicola                -  Vicar of Lexxy's Lassies
    Good Lime Key                    -  Courser
  Outlaw Lolth BurnsAlone            -  Magus of UnWanted AngeL >l<
    Good Lonestar XXX                -  Lord Justice of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lordtor Anaga               -  Inquisitor of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lot OfLove                  -  Master of the Way of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Lucid X                     -  Wizard of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Lucius XIV                  -  Supreme Justice of Tainted Saints
    Good Madrick X                   -  Revelator of Disposable Heroes
    Good Marek Blackblade            -  Hero of Tainted Saints
    Good Masta                       -  Lama of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Mindbuzz ACiDrEeMz          -  Battlemage of Epitaph.
         Mindcrime                   -  Astromancer of Disposable Heroes
    Good Mindrot SmolNinja           -  Executioner of Scruffy Dragons
 Villain Mobias                      -  Ranger Lord of Disposable Heroes
    Good Mocha                       -  Shaman of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Mochi                       -  Arcanist of Tainted Saints
         Mordechai                   -  Astromancer of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Mork TheHalfOrk             -  Apprentice
    Good Mudop                       -  Apprentice
 Villain Mugen                       -  Manhunter of GOZER
    Good Munch None                  -  Lord Justice of Tainted Saints
   Seedy Natas                       -  Seer of Disposable Heroes
    Good Nethril Par                 -  Pontiff of House of Rage
 Villain Nickcave                    -  Sorcerer of Disposable Heroes
    Good Nightmare Slayer            -  Executioner of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Nipsey Hussle               -  Virtuoso of Epitaph.
Criminal Omiak Enli                  -  Musician of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain One                         -  Master of the Way of Disposable Heroes
    Good Oneeye                      -  Veteran
         Ozamataz Buckshank          -  Shaman
 Villain Padan Fain                  -  Rogue of Epitaph.
    Good Paladine KrakHome           -  Wizard of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Paper Clip                  -  Archbishop of Epitaph.
    Good Paradise Stat               -  Swashbuckler of Tainted Saints
 Villain Pickle Rick                 -  Master Assassin of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Placido                     -  High Cleric of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Qwert OneCup                -  Kai Lady of Disposable Heroes
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Songweaver of House of Rage
         Raines Astra                -  Assassin of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Rand AlThor                 -  Kai Lord of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Redhawk Firebane            -  Maestro of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Reveal Stat                 -  Maestro of Disposable Heroes
    Good Rhalin TheMage              -  Timebender of Tainted Saints
    Good Rotterdam Stat              -  Templar of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Ryor                        -  Wizard of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Sabre Angel                 -  Pilferer
    Good Saitama Stat                -  Kai Lord of Disposable Heroes
         Sazed Harmony               -  Archdruid of Epitaph.
    Good Scott                       -  Bishop of GOZER
         Screech AtYou               -  High Priestess of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Sephiroth                   -  Spellbinder of Disposable Heroes
Criminal Slair OfDays                -  Courser of ~*Eldritch Order*~
Criminal Sneaky Rest                 -  Manhunter of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Snuggly                     -  Manhunter of Taco Shop
    Good Soul Guardian               -  Apprentice
    Good Stagger Lee                 -  Lord Justice of Disposable Heroes
    Good Starsky Mage                -  Magus of Disposable Heroes
    Good Strider                     -  Predator of Tainted Saints
         Surgikill XIV               -  Vicar of Disposable Heroes
    Good Sverl                       -  Kai Warrior
         Talkamar Deshrel            -  Cardinal of Epitaph.
         Thrillho TheRealOne         -  High Druid of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Thumper LovesYou            -  Visionary of Scruffy Dragons
    Good Tickles                     -  Prophet of Tainted Saints
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  High Cleric of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Tio                         -  Bishop of Taco Shop
    Good Tirion Fordring             -  Crusader of Epitaph.
    Good Tito LasVegas               -  High Inquisitor of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Tomoe ThetrueRan            -  Nature's Fury of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Trogdor BuRnIaToR           -  High Priestess of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Twogirlz Stat               -  High Ecclesiast of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Umbro I                     -  Mistress of the Way of Tainted Saints
    Good Uncle MMMCMXCIX             -  High Shaman of Tainted Saints
    Good Venantius Older             -  Cabalist of Tainted Saints
    Good Vitoc                       -  Apprentice
    Good Why Not                     -  Virtuoso of Disposable Heroes
    Good Wicked Warlock              -  Spellbinder of Disposable Heroes
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Lord Justice of Tainted Saints
 Villain Wugga OathBreak             -  Crusader of Tainted Saints
         Wuggsey Woo                 -  Inquisitor of Tainted Saints
    Good Yang Yin                    -  Dragonslayer of Tainted Saints
    Good Yazuka Necron               -  Avenger of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Yin Yang                    -  Songweaver of Tainted Saints
         Zappy                       -  Prestidigator of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Zebra Z                     -  Mageslayer
 Villain Zero                        -  Chosen of Disposable Heroes
    Good Zorak                       -  Minstrel of Tainted Saints
 Villain Zoul Louz                   -  Templar of House of Rage
    Good Zwutter                     -  Champion of Forsaken
    Good Zyrehn                      -  Cardinal of Forsaken