Current Adventurers

    Good Ace                         -  Executioner of TRUMP 2024
   FIEND Adina Nicola                -  Nature's Fury of Disposable Heroes
         Aphinneas                   -  Wizard of House of Rage
    Good Aria Drake                  -  Shamaness of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Arthur Pendragon            -  Champion of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Avicron Roe                 -  Prophet of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Aylen Doomsonnet            -  Artiste of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Azii Ragequit               -  High Ecclesiast of Disposable Heroes
    Good Azrael X                    -  Kai Master of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Baelen                      -  Miyagi of Disposable Heroes
    Good Because IsaidSO             -  High Shaman of Disposable Heroes
    Good Beepboop                    -  Spellbreaker
    Good Bemir                       -  Exalted Shield of Tainted Saints
    Good Blackath Darkness           -  Yogi of Disposable Heroes
    Good Blitz Rest                  -  Duelist
    Good Bluesky Cleric              -  High Cleric of Disposable Heroes
         Boonaga PalOfMine           -  High Justicar of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Boost Pressure              -  Whisper of Death of Disposable Heroes
    Good Bootee                      -  Chancellor of House of Rage
   FIEND Braudin Haversack           -  Chosen of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Breezy Geezy                -  Shadow Master of Epitaph.
    Good Buckles Firebane            -  High Pontiff of Disposable Heroes
         Cashollary                  -  High Justicar of Tainted Saints
         Chocolate Reaper            -  Grand Crusader of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Chubias                     -  Virtuoso of Disposable Heroes
    Good Cornelius                   -  Monk
   FIEND Corpse Stinky               -  Mistress of the Way of Disposable Heroes
  Outlaw Daenimus                    -  Swashbuckler of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Dagda                       -  Lama
    Good Dastivus                    -  Revenant of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Deej On                     -  Woodland Lord of Epitaph.
    Good Dij On                      -  Iconoclast of Epitaph.
    Good Dilligaf                    -  Champion of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Disraeli Gears              -  Chanteur
 Villain Dogar Medi                  -  Lama of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Donatelo L                  -  Archbishop of House of Rage
   FIEND Drops Par                   -  Master Rogue of House of Rage
    Good Drumheller                  -  Chancellor
    Good Drunkguard                  -  Squire of KnightsOfDrunkeness
   FIEND Duguay                      -  Swashbuckler
 Villain Duplicity Dog               -  Swashbuckler of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Eazy E                      -  Master of the Way of House of Rage
    Good Elissia                     -  High Priestess of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Elscott                     -  Master Hunter of ~*Eldritch Order*~
Criminal Empath Stat                 -  Magus
    Good Endel Anaga                 -  High Druid of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Eric McLeod                 -  Shadow's Embrace of Disposable Heroes
    Good Evilone Willgetyou          -  Magus
   FIEND Failwhale Stabber           -  Pillager of Tainted Saints
    Good Faith Healer                -  High Priestess of Disposable Heroes
    Good Falcon XXXX                 -  Champion of Disposable Heroes
    Good Father Time                 -  High Ecclesiast of Tainted Saints
Criminal Fattony                     -  Executioner of *~Chaos Order~*
   FIEND Forged Internals            -  Celebrity of Disposable Heroes
    Good Fujin                       -  Monk of Disposable Heroes
    Good Funkyboy Cunt               -  Theurgist
    Good Fwank                       -  Grand Exemplar of Disposable Heroes
    Good Gargamel Bubbles            -  Rubicant
    Good Gaul Stone                  -  Divine Protector of Disposable Heroes
    Good Geezy Breezy                -  Sword of Justice of Epitaph.
         Ggandt PrzHisNAME           -  High Justicar of Tainted Saints
   Seedy Greendo Greendar            -  Maestro of Tainted Saints
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Warlord of Disposable Heroes
    Good Grommet                     -  Grand Exemplar of Tainted Saints
    Good Grooooot                    -  High Druid of Forsaken
    Good Guntz TheDunce              -  Exalted Shield of Tainted Saints
    Good Hermit                      -  Dread Confessor of Epitaph.
    Good Hijinks Dajinxsta           -  Apprentice of Epitaph.
    Good Hosoi                       -  High Druid of Disposable Heroes
  Outlaw Infogold                    -  Arcanist of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Jade Leaf                   -  Archdruid of House of Rage
    Good Jellydonut                  -  Yogi of Tainted Saints
    Good Jolene Jlevnel              -  Witchknight of Tainted Saints
    Good Kaelen                      -  Chosen of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Kalina                      -  Arbiter of Disposable Heroes
    Good Kalten XXX                  -  High Cleric of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Kaput                       -  Lama of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Karevik                     -  Archdruid of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Karnack DMagnifico          -  Magus
    Good Katy Buns                   -  Warlady of Lexxy's Lassies
    Good Keef                        -  Master Assassin of Tainted Saints
         Kermit Dupe                 -  Archmage of Epitaph.
         Kezia Freespirit            -  Arbiter of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Kidian                      -  Sensei of Squad 11
    Good Kit Purrs                   -  Revelator of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lemon Tart                  -  Prestidigator of Citrus Manhandlers
    Good Leoz Jilliumz               -  Troubadour
    Good Lerik Nerik                 -  Pickpocket
    Good Lews Therin                 -  Warmage of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lexxy Nicola                -  Rector of Lexxy's Lassies
    Good Lime Lemon                  -  Hunter of Citrus Manhandlers
  Outlaw Lolth BurnsAlone            -  Wizard of UnWanted AngeL >l<
    Good Lonestar XXX                -  Supreme Justice of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lordtor Anaga               -  High Inquisitor of Disposable Heroes
    Good Lot OfLove                  -  Kai Master of Disposable Heroes
         Lucius XIV                  -  Sword of Justice of Tainted Saints
    Good Madrick X                   -  The Glorified of Disposable Heroes
    Good Maiko Umbra                 -  Tracker of ~*Eldritch Order*~
Criminal Majestic                    -  Conjurer of Magic
         Malachai                    -  Magus of ~*Eldritch Order*~
         Manga                       -  Astromancer of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Marek Blackblade            -  Warlord of Tainted Saints
    Good Masta                       -  Master of the Way of Disposable Heroes
         Mindcrime                   -  Woodland Protector of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Mobias                      -  Lord of the Hunt of Disposable Heroes
    Good Mocha                       -  High Druid of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Mochi                       -  Wizard of Tainted Saints
         Mordechai                   -  High Druid of ~*Eldritch Order*~
Criminal Morgan Mancrusher           -  Gladiator
    Good Mudop                       -  Apprentice
Criminal Mugen                       -  Assassin of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Munch None                  -  Grand Exemplar of Tainted Saints
    Good Muzu                        -  Evangelist
   FIEND Natas                       -  Gypsy Prince of Disposable Heroes
    Good Nethril                     -  Archbishop of House of Rage
    Good Nicho TGL                   -  Magician
    Good Nick Ktulu                  -  Myrmidon of Hammer
    Good Nightmare Slayer            -  Executioner of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Omiak Enli                  -  Songweaver of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain One                         -  Kai Lord of Disposable Heroes
         Ozamataz Buckshank          -  High Druid
Criminal Paladine KrakHome           -  Lord Magus of Disposable Heroes
    Good Paper Clip                  -  Chosen of Epitaph.
    Good Paradise Lost               -  Chanteuse of Tainted Saints
    Good Phrixas                     -  Guru of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Pickle Rick                 -  Shadow Master of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Placido                     -  Exalted Shield of Disposable Heroes
    Good Priestey McHealaton         -  Pontiff
 Villain Qwert OneCup                -  Kai Mistress of Disposable Heroes
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Chanteur of House of Rage
         Raines Astra                -  Executioner of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Rand AlThor                 -  Lord Justice of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Redhawk Firebane            -  Royal Entertainer of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Reveal Stat                 -  Royal Entertainer of Disposable Heroes
    Good Rhalin TheMage              -  Supreme Archmagi of Tainted Saints
    Good Rotterdam Stat              -  Lord Justice of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Russell UpSomeGrub          -  Diviner of Tainted Saints
    Good Ryor                        -  Archmage of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Saitama MumenRider          -  Yogi of Disposable Heroes
         Screech AtYou               -  Archbishop of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Slair OfDays                -  Hunter of ~*Eldritch Order*~
 Villain Sneaky Rest                 -  Executioner of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Sparhawk                    -  Nature's Spirit of Tainted Saints
    Good Sqwish Butterbean           -  Knave
    Good Starsky Mage                -  High Mage of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Stinky Corpse               -  Astromancer of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Strider Stat                -  Ranger General of Tainted Saints
         Surgikill XIV               -  Chancellor of Disposable Heroes
    Good Taeron                      -  Chanteur of Forsaken
 Villain Tasslehoff Burrfoot         -  Pickpocket
    Good Thordum Kegsmash            -  Knight
         Thrillho TheRealOne         -  Woodland Protector of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Tickles                     -  Presbyter of Tainted Saints
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Exalted Shield of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Tio                         -  High Priest of Taco Shop
    Good Tito LasVegas               -  Witchflayer
   FIEND Tomoe Ontheraise            -  Dead Eye of Disposable Heroes
 Villain Trogdor Prfl                -  Archbishop of *~Chaos Order~*
    Good Twogirlz Stat               -  Presbyter of Disposable Heroes
   FIEND Umbro LXVI                  -  Kai Mistress of Tainted Saints
    Good Uncle MMMCMXCIX             -  Heart of the Wild of Tainted Saints
    Good Variable Uglyguy            -  Cavalier of Tainted Saints
    Good Vitoc                       -  Apprentice of #letsGoBrandon
    Good Wailing Kitty               -  Minstrel of UnWanted AngeL >l<
    Good Why Not                     -  Maestro of Disposable Heroes
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Grand Exemplar of Tainted Saints
         Xeriis                      -  Nature's Servant
    Good Yang Yin                    -  Juggernaut of Tainted Saints
    Good Yazuka Necron               -  Crusader of ~*Eldritch Order*~
   FIEND Zappy                       -  Magus of ~*Eldritch Order*~
    Good Zebra Z                     -  Mageslayer
 Villain Zero                        -  Prophet of Disposable Heroes
    Good Zorak                       -  Songweaver of Tainted Saints