Current Adventurers

   FIEND Adina Nicola                -  Pillager of House of Rage
    Good Air                         -  Vampire Hunter of Reliable Sources
    Good Ajakstu                     -  Illusionist
         Antagone Bristbane          -  Spellslinger
    Good Apollo GodofMusic           -  Songweaver of Reliable Sources
         Arax Spindreft              -  Divine Aegis of The Suicide Squad
    Good Arwen Evenstar              -  Archmage of dragonriders
         Ashe TheKiller              -  Swordsmage of dragonriders
    Good Athoros X                   -  Chosen of Reliable Sources
         Baby Bishop                 -  High Priest of The Suicide Squad
         Bambi Stat                  -  Lord of Nature of House of Rage
   FIEND Barthaxl GoblinKing         -  Grand Magus of The Suicide Squad
    Good Batleth MawQeh              -  Chancellor
    Good Blamo                       -  Lama of dragonriders
    Good Blood Squirrel              -  Manhunter of dragonriders
    Good Bortas MawQeh               -  Cutthroat
         Candice                     -  Sorcerer of dragonriders
 Villain Clades Stat                 -  Nature's Spirit of House of Rage
    Good Coconut Shard               -  Disenchanter
    Good Crutch Scratcher            -  Chosen of Tainted Saints
    Good Daddy DidIt                 -  High Warlord of Tainted Saints
    Good Demonscour Dandelion        -  High Priest
    Good Des Troy                    -  Exalted Shield of Tainted Saints
    Good Dij TheBoss                 -  Crusader of dadjokes
    Good Dilligaf Acomile            -  Vicar of Tainted Saints
         Draven TheStarr             -  Warmonger of dragonriders
    Good Druha Zilfire               -  Nature's Servant
    Good Dubrovina                   -  Yogi of Reliable Sources
 Villain Ekm                         -  Grand Magus of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Eric McLeod                 -  Shadow's Embrace of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Faith Stat                  -  Chosen of dragonriders
    Good Falcon Stat                 -  Crusader of dragonriders
    Good Fantine                     -  Divine Champion of The Suicide Squad
    Good Fatcrow Fatcow              -  Eldritch Lord of Reliable Sources
    Good Fujin Sama                  -  Chancellor of The Suicide Squad
    Good Fwank                       -  High Justicar of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Gaegogi Bosintang           -  Dead Eye of The Suicide Squad
    Good Gaul                        -  Bastion of The Suicide Squad
    Good Gkr                         -  Predator of Tainted Saints
    Good Gnarg Orcaloo               -  Woodsman of Half-Orc Heros
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Warlord of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Gwydion Blur                -  Lord Magus of House of Rage
    Good Gwyndollyn Majelle          -  Magician
    Good Hamhawk                     -  Guardian
         Hellrazor Stat              -  Champion of dragonriders
   FIEND Hobo SuperBum               -  High Spellsong of The Suicide Squad
 Villain Hosoi                       -  Myrmidon of dragonriders
    Good Inferos TrollBane           -  Hero of Reliable Sources
    Good Jade Sparkles               -  Timebender of House of Rage
         Jearom                      -  Lord Justice of The Suicide Squad
         Jesus SAVESYOU              -  Rogue Prince of the chosen
    Good Kalivos TrollBane           -  Swashbuckler of Reliable Sources
    Good Kat MakeMePurr              -  High Warlord of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Katy Smiles                 -  Witchflayer of The Suicide Squad
         Kit Ten                     -  The Immovable of The Suicide Squad
    Good Kitterly Stat               -  Avenger
   FIEND Lexxy Nicola                -  The Glorified of Art of War
    Good Lonestar XXX                -  Supreme Justice of Tainted Saints
    Good Madrick X                   -  Warlord of Reliable Sources
   FIEND Magus                       -  Visionary of Reliable Sources
    Good Midnight Swif               -  Songweaver of dragonriders
    Good Missile Whistle             -  Shadow Master of Reliable Sources
    Good Mobias X                    -  Annihilator of dragonriders
   FIEND Natas                       -  Woodland Protector of dragonriders
         Nero                        -  Archbishop of dragonriders
   FIEND Nightmare Slayer            -  Hand of the Unseen of dragonriders
    Good Nipsey                      -  Songweaver of dadjokes
    Good Opwinter                    -  Apprentice
    Good Orthodox                    -  Chancellor of dadjokes
    Good Pickle Rick                 -  Maharishi of Pickle Rick
    Good Piddy                       -  Demigod of The Suicide Squad
    Good Pikachu                     -  Grand Exemplar of Reliable Sources
    Good Placido Stat                -  High Ecclesiast of Reliable Sources
 Villain Prime Instinct              -  Guru of dragonriders
    Good Quilp Heap                  -  Supreme Justice of Tainted Saints
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Presbyter of House of Rage
   FIEND Raijin Sama                 -  Timebender of The Suicide Squad
    Good Rasputin Par                -  Presbyter of Reliable Sources
    Good Reveal                      -  Chancellor of Tainted Saints
    Good Ridic                       -  Essence of Kai of The Suicide Squad
         Ronarion                    -  Divine Protector of The Suicide Squad
    Good Rough                       -  Runic General of Tainted Saints
         Sadus                       -  Squire
 Villain Saitama                     -  Assassin of Tainted Saints
    Good Shaiel                      -  Supreme Kai of The Suicide Squad
    Good Sparhawk                    -  High Shaman of Tainted Saints
    Good Stelter TheEunuch           -  Dread Juggernaut of Reliable Sources
    Good Stinky Poo                  -  Lama
    Good Stuntitup Stuntitup         -  Knave
    Good Tempered                    -  Priest Novice of dadjokes
    Good Thistle Whistle             -  Witchflayer of Reliable Sources
    Good Tinydude Picklerick         -  First Knight of Tainted Saints
 Villain Tipsey                      -  Arcanist of dadjokes
    Good Tobias X                    -  Guardian of dragonriders
   FIEND Tomoe GOMEZ                 -  Whisper of Death of Reliable Sources
         Toysoldier                  -  Parson of dragonriders
    Good Toytruck                    -  Champion of dragonriders
    Good Trojanman Daprotecta        -  Supreme Justice of dragonriders
    Good Unorthodox                  -  Assassin of dadjokes
   FIEND Violent Nightmaer           -  Ranger Lord of dragonriders
    Good Vitoc Jitsi                 -  Apprentice of Waking the Lions
    Good Wad Hrmjabba                -  Supreme Kai of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Wai                         -  Death's Hand of Reliable Sources
    Good Winterhawk                  -  High Justicar of Tainted Saints
    Good Witch Cunt                  -  Master Confessor of Art of War
    Good Without                     -  High Mage of dragonriders
         Zalyx                       -  Savant of Nudes4Sale
         Zero                        -  Kai Master of dragonriders
    Good Ziggy Stardust              -  Cardinal of dragonriders
    Good Zoltran Sorcy               -  Wizard of Tainted Saints