Current Adventurers

    Good Aleria                      -  Pathfinder of Templar
    Good Arax Spindreft              -  Exalted Shield of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Arkanoid                    -  Divine Emissary of Tainted Saints
    Good Asterix                     -  Guru of The Sanitarium
    Good Avryn                       -  Yogi of The Suicide Squad
    Good Bark Fellow                 -  Hero
    Good Barthaxl Drowdow            -  Kai Lord of Templar
    Good Batwing Train               -  Guardian
    Good Blackwing DeathShado        -  Wizard of Z Fighters
    Good Blitz Xxxx                  -  Swashbuckler of Nefarious Descent
    Good Bros                        -  Gypsy Prince of The Suicide Squad
    Good Buckles Icebane             -  High Pontiff of The Suicide Squad
         Buster B                    -  Rubicant of Rhalin fan posse
    Good Cobra Kai                   -  Righteous Messenger of Tainted Saints
         Darwin ShimGloom            -  Conjurer of The Sanitarium
 Villain Deer Slayer                 -  Minister of Nefarious Descent
 Villain Disconnect Ed               -  Assassin of Tainted Saints
    Good Dunnerman Betta             -  Visionary of Fuzzy Bunnies
    Good Earthquake Shake            -  Champion of The Suicide Squad
 Villain Eli                         -  Archmage of Oblivion
 Villain Ellyseum                    -  Chanteuse of Tainted Saints
 Villain Eric McLeod                 -  Revenant of Z Fighters
    Good Fantine Freezehack          -  Dragonslayer of The Suicide Squad
    Good Freddy                      -  High Druid of The Suicide Squad
         Gaegogi Bosintang           -  Fighter Priest
    Good Galahad Silvares            -  Divine Messenger of Templar
    Good Grand Nagus                 -  Supreme Kai of Tainted Saints
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  High Warlord of Tainted Saints
    Good Grom HellScream             -  Hero of Nefarious Descent
    Good Groovy                      -  High Priest of Templar
    Good Guntz TheDunce              -  Grand Crusader of Tainted Saints
    Good Hambone                     -  Shaman of Templar
    Good Hasen Ohren                 -  Spellbinder of Fuzzy Bunnies
   FIEND Hobo Bum                    -  Visionary of Nefarious Descent
    Good Homunculus Jones            -  High Pontiff of Tainted Saints
    Good Hurricane Omega             -  Exalted Shield of The Suicide Squad
    Good Ingo                        -  Sage
   FIEND Jade Sparkles               -  Songweaver of The Suicide Squad
  Outlaw Katy McLeod                 -  Shaman
    Good Kheezy                      -  Exalted Shield of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Kivaan Creatorofe           -  Shadow's Embrace of The Suicide Squad
    Good Kourtney Stat               -  Sword of Justice of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Krazyeight                  -  Elder Wizard of Tainted Saints
    Good Lazarus Redandgold          -  Guru of SuperMan
   FIEND Lecarptron Dookmariot       -  Seer
   FIEND Lizard Skinnard             -  Spellbinder of Templar
    Good Lonestar XXX                -  High Cleric of Tainted Saints
    Good Lukster                     -  Fighter Priest of Nefarious Descent
    Good Lyric Silvares              -  Virtuoso of Templar
  Outlaw Maddog                      -  Executioner
   FIEND Marian OfLoxley             -  Revenant of The Suicide Squad
         Mcmike Spigget              -  Student
   FIEND Mephisto Chaos              -  Wizard of Tainted Saints
    Good Mindcrime                   -  Warmonger of The Suicide Squad
    Good Miyagi                      -  Guru of Tainted Saints
    Good Nivo Blah                   -  Champion of Bloodlust
    Good Opwinter                    -  Apprentice
   FIEND Paradroid OneOhOne          -  Heart of the Wild of Tainted Saints
    Good Pickle Rick                 -  Diviner of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Placido Stat                -  Archbishop of The Suicide Squad
    Good Poopfire Tiabeani           -  Zealot
   FIEND Puffball Unicorn            -  Crime Lord of Tainted Saints
    Good Quilp Heap                  -  Templar of Nefarious Descent
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  Rector of The Suicide Squad
    Good Redhawk Firebane            -  Grand Magus of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Remy LeBeau                 -  Whisper of Death of Tainted Saints
    Good Rhalin                      -  Eldritch Knight of Tainted Saints
    Good Ridic                       -  Master of the Way of Tainted Saints
    Good Robin OfLoxley              -  Pathfinder of The Suicide Squad
    Good Rodic                       -  High Priest of Tainted Saints
    Good Rotten Flesh                -  Kai Master of Tainted Saints
    Good Rough                       -  High Justicar of Tainted Saints
    Good Rush Limbaugh               -  Arcanist of Z Fighters
   FIEND Serilda                     -  Spellbinder of Tainted Saints
    Good Shaiel Stormguard           -  High Cleric of The Suicide Squad
         Silvix Xivlis               -  Lord of The Suicide Squad
    Good Sneezy                      -  Lord Justice of Tainted Saints
    Good Snooch                      -  Guru
    Good Sparhawk Stat               -  Woodland Lord of Tainted Saints
 Villain Syd TheMad                  -  Woodsman of Nefarious Descent
    Good Sylvan                      -  Divine Emissary of Tainted Saints
    Good Taabi Timid                 -  Pontiff of Nefarious Descent
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Champion of Tainted Saints
    Good Tron Money                  -  Archdruid of The Suicide Squad
    Good Typhoon Alpha               -  Revelator of The Suicide Squad
    Good Tyralion                    -  Lord Justice of Templar
    Good Vitoc VonHolWTF             -  Apprentice
    Good Vonnegut Kurt               -  Avenger
    Good Vyre Blah                   -  Ranger Lord of Bloodlust
    Good Wad Tenwolves               -  Witchflayer of The Suicide Squad
    Good Winterhawk Meditate         -  High Justicar of Tainted Saints
    Good Woody                       -  High Shaman of Tainted Saints
    Good Zadarak Belamorge           -  Champion of The Sanitarium