Current Adventurers

         Abyssyml Darkness           -  Shaman of Tainted Saints
    Good Binary Star                 -  Cabalist
    Good Blackwing DeathShado        -  Theurgist of dragonriders
    Good Blitz Xxxx                  -  Lyricist
    Good Bros                        -  Wanderer of Z Fighters
    Good Buckles Icebane             -  Pontiff of The Suicide Squad
    Good Chester Cheetah             -  Illusionist
    Good Chupon TrumpOfMud           -  Visionary of Tainted Saints
 Villain Cricket Train               -  Monk Lord of Tainted Saints
    Good Duckinja                    -  Seeker of Z Fighters
         Eli Turtle                  -  Conjurer of Oblivion
    Good Fiagro McTerrid             -  Chaplain of Z Fighters
    Good Foghorn Stat                -  Cavalier of Oblivion
    Good Gargamel K                  -  Magebane of Z Fighters
    Good Grand Nagus                 -  Guru of Tainted Saints
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Myrmidon of Tainted Saints
    Good Groovy Man                  -  Canon of Z Fighters
    Good Guntz                       -  Templar of Tainted Saints
    Good Hasen Ohren                 -  Erudite of Fuzzy Bunnies
    Good Hurricane Omega             -  Guardian of The Suicide Squad
    Good Jellybean Johnson           -  Apprentice of Z Fighters
         John Smythe                 -  Witness
    Good Kheezy                      -  Warrior Priest of The Suicide Squad
    Good Kloc                        -  Occultist
    Good Krawl                       -  Converter of Z Fighters
 Villain Krazyeight                  -  Sorcerer of Tainted Saints
    Good Lazarus Redandgold          -  Fighter Priest
  Outlaw Lazlo Hollyfeld             -  Rubicant of Z Fighters
         Lecarptron Exp              -  Traveler of Oblivion
 Villain Lucid BagOfDicks            -  Troubadour of The Suicide Squad
    Good Lyric                       -  Skald of Z Fighters
Criminal Maddog                      -  Murderer of dragonriders
    Good Majin Buu                   -  Sensei of Z Fighters
         Megatron                    -  Gallant of Tainted Saints
         Nebulous                    -  Fighter Priest
    Good Opwinter                    -  Apprentice
Criminal Paradroid OneOhOne          -  Savant of Tainted Saints
    Good Remy                        -  Manhunter of Tainted Saints
    Good Rough                       -  Knight of Tainted Saints
    Good Rush Limbaugh               -  Theurgist of Z Fighters
         Snooch                      -  Excursionist
Criminal Sonya Stat                  -  Mercenary
    Good Taabi Timid                 -  Pastor of dragonriders
    Good Tiny Rick                   -  Defender of Tainted Saints
    Good Toth                        -  Oracle of Liquid Courage
    Good Trump TwoTerms              -  Explorer of Tainted Saints
    Good Tyralion                    -  Defender of Z Fighters
    Good Vitoc VonHolWTF             -  Apprentice
         Vulf                        -  Nature's Servant of Tainted Saints
    Good Vyre Blah                   -  Scout of Liquid Courage
    Good Wade Watts                  -  Rogue Priest of dragonriders
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Crusader of Tainted Saints
    Good Woland Fring                -  Warrior Mage of Oblivion
    Good Xrone K                     -  Pastor of Tainted Saints
         Zoegrazin                   -  Guide of Tainted Saints
         Zultar S                    -  Mageslayer of Tainted Saints
    Good Zzzz                        -  Warrior Priest of Liquid Courage