Current Adventurers

    Good Adina Nicola                -  Revelator of Nefarious Descent
    Good Air                         -  Demonbane of Tainted Saints
    Good Anna                        -  Maharishi of Nefarious Descent
    Good Arax Spindreft              -  Divine Aegis of The Suicide Squad
    Good Arkanoid                    -  Hand of the Faith of Tainted Saints
    Good Ashe TheKiller              -  Hero of Nefarious Descent
    Good Asterix                     -  Miyagi of The Sanitarium
    Good Attila Xxxx                 -  Woodsman of Nefarious Descent
    Good Baby Bishop                 -  Presbyter of Death Eaters
    Good Barthaxl Drowdow            -  Kai Weaver of Death Eaters
    Good Batleth Stat                -  Templar
    Good Blackwing DeathShado        -  Grand Magus of Nefarious Descent
    Good Blitz Xxxx                  -  Swashbuckler of Nefarious Descent
    Good Bluegill Sunfish            -  Tracker of Sunfish
    Good Bortas                      -  Mageslayer of Nefarious Descent
    Good Bros                        -  Foreteller of The Suicide Squad
         Bruce Lee                   -  Disciple
    Good Buckles Icebane             -  Archdeity of The Suicide Squad
    Good Cobra Kai                   -  Hand of the Faith of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Coffeeman Buzzkill          -  Lord Magus of Nefarious Descent
    Good Daenimus                    -  Eldritch Lord of The Suicide Squad
 Villain Deer Slayer                 -  Prophet of Nefarious Descent
    Good Doctari SaFari              -  Duelist of Nefarious Descent
   FIEND Ellyseum NoPicsPlz          -  Prodigy of Tainted Saints
Criminal Eric McLeod                 -  Death's Hand of Tainted Saints
    Good Fantine Freezehack          -  Conqueror of The Suicide Squad
    Good Freddy                      -  Nature's Spirit of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Fujin Sama                  -  Spellbinder of Nefarious Descent
    Good Fwank                       -  Cavalier of Tainted Saints
    Good Gaegogi Bosintang           -  Divine Protector of Nefarious Descent
    Good Gargamel K                  -  Inquisitor
         Golbez                      -  Lord of Nature of The Sanitarium
    Good Grand Nagus                 -  Essence of Kai of Tainted Saints
    Good Graphite Messiah            -  Hero of Nefarious Descent
    Good Grim Reaper                 -  Dread Juggernaut of Tainted Saints
    Good Grom HellScream             -  High Warlord of Nefarious Descent
    Good Guntz TheDunce              -  Praetor of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Hobo Bum                    -  Vagabond Prince of Nefarious Descent
    Good Homunculus Jones            -  Voice of God of Tainted Saints
         Hotrod Heroic               -  Dragoon of ForceOfOne
    Good Hurricane Omega             -  Eternal Bulwark of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Ironsight S                 -  Chanteur
   FIEND Jade Sage                   -  Royal Entertainer of The Suicide Squad
         James McGill                -  Duelist
         Kat MakeMePurr              -  Master Confessor of Nefarious Descent
         Katy McLeod                 -  Nature's Spirit of Tainted Saints
         Kit Ten                     -  Zealot of Nefarious Descent
   FIEND Kivaan Stat                 -  Death Incarnate of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Krazyeight                  -  Eldritch Lord of Tainted Saints
    Good Lancelot Dragonbane         -  Crusader of Nefarious Descent
   FIEND Lava HeavyDuty              -  Sorcerer of Nefarious Descent
    Good Lexxy Nicola                -  Hand of the Unseen of Nefarious Descent
    Good Lonestar XXX                -  Bastion of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Maddog                      -  Shadow's Embrace
    Good Marilith Lichbane           -  Chancellor of Nefarious Descent
   FIEND Merlin Slayer               -  Woodland Protector of The Suicide Squad
    Good Mindcrime                   -  Dread Juggernaut of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Nightmare Slayer            -  Hand of the Unseen of The Suicide Squad
    Good Opwinter                    -  Apprentice
   FIEND Paradroid OneOhOne          -  One with the Cosmos of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Placido Backrank            -  Divine Prophet of The Suicide Squad
    Good Pseudonym Salesman          -  Defender
   FIEND Puffball Unicorn            -  Kingpin of Tainted Saints
    Good Quilp Heap                  -  Grand Exemplar of Nefarious Descent
    Good Rage Bloodwrath             -  The Immovable of The Suicide Squad
    Good Redhawk Firebane            -  Voice of the Aether of The Suicide Squad
   FIEND Remy                        -  Shadowlord of Tainted Saints
    Good Rhalin                      -  Supremus of Tainted Saints
    Good Ridic                       -  Kai Master of The Suicide Squad
    Good Rodic                       -  Divine Prophet of The Suicide Squad
    Good Rough                       -  Praetor of Tainted Saints
    Good Shaiel Stormguard           -  The Immovable of The Suicide Squad
         Silvix Xivlis               -  Juggernaut of The Suicide Squad
    Good Sneezy                      -  Grand Crusader of Tainted Saints
    Good Sparhawk                    -  Gaia's Chosen of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Susanoo Sama                -  Pontiff of Nefarious Descent
   FIEND Syd TheMad                  -  Predator of Nefarious Descent
    Good Sylvan                      -  Hand of the Faith of Tainted Saints
    Good Tarak Barbeerian            -  Supreme Justice of Nefarious Descent
    Good Tashi                       -  Crusader
         Tenru                       -  Guru of Nefarious Descent
         Thereal HoboBill            -  Mageslayer of Death Eaters
   FIEND Thrudd Barbeerian           -  Master Rogue of Nefarious Descent
    Good Typhoon Alpha               -  Envoy of the Master of The Suicide Squad
    Good Vitoc VonHolWTF             -  Apprentice of Ride the Lightning
         Wad Tenwolves               -  High Cleric of The Suicide Squad
    Good Wade Watts                  -  Faithbringer of The Suicide Squad
    Good Wai                         -  Hand of the Unseen of Tainted Saints
    Good Winterhawk                  -  Praetor of Tainted Saints
    Good Woody HalfChub              -  One with the Cosmos of Tainted Saints
    Good Wreck                       -  Divine Protector of Tainted Saints
   FIEND Yazuka Lichbane             -  Assassin of Nefarious Descent
         Zero                        -  Sensei of Nefarious Descent