Started by Jigga, April 08, 2009, 06:13:25 AM

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Remember them?

Back in the day if you were evil wouldn't a bounty hunter come after you?

Should bring that back, and make it according to the level of the character. Higher level, meaner bounty hunter.

Would make scripting interesting :)
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I've several Ideas on bounty hunters.  As I am not a fan of MAX fiend I have thought of using bounty hunters as a punishment/deterrent against excessive PVP harassment. 

Normally there is a maximum amount of EPs you can gain, once you've gained it you can no longer get more until time has passed and the eps are burned.  Instead of this, I would think that once you are at MAX eps you should be able to continue with evil actions without becoming anymore evil.  If you take certain evil actions(say attack a good player) you'd then gain bounty points the more bounty points a player has the more powerful the hunter would be, and ultimately the sooner they will die.  Once a player is killed they will lose all their bounty points.

I really feel like in the mmud game as-is, good chars have it far easier than evil ones (5th quest aside). How about we start punishing the good too? Or maybe no one at all?

Maybe the bounty hunters could be hired by players who have been griefed? You would speak with a bounty hunter and see a list of everyone who recently attacked you. Then you could assign a bounty hunter after a person and for a little more gold you could have him camp their deathpile. Heh.

This would of course require you to take an evil point or two for it, especially if you're a "good" character.

punishing the good? thats dumb