Magic Item to cast a spell

Started by Lazarus, September 30, 2022, 02:33:59 PM

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It would be nice to have a magic item that a magic user could cast one of their defensive spells (ie: blesses/healing) on that item and imbue that item with the effects of that spell and give it to someone.  Then, that person could USE that item and it would cast that spell on themselves.  It could have a cooldown period depending on how much mana it would normally cost to cast it.   

Use case.  A non-magic user gets poisoned.  If they have this magic item, and had it had CURP or CURE cast on it.  They could use it to cure their poison.  OR freedom, or site, or whatever spell the original magic user cast on the item.    Maybe if they drop the item, the spell clears and they need a magic user to cast a new spell on it.