Traps! Ouch!!

Started by fritz, January 29, 2007, 08:17:47 PM

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I'm not against powerful traps in certain areas.  I wouldnt wanna make the game all about disarming them however.

Powerful traps are fine, but instantly killing is something different. For example, one place that I know of that's got some traps is the ancient ruin; I would be very very upset if I couldn't get to Goru because there's an instant death trap blocking my path, and I had to bring a thief with me (remember, thinking like your character the thief is a serious liability in your party) just to get to Goru. Now, if I could walk through the trap and end up severely wounded, and have to fight tooth and nail with the monsters on the other side, then it's more up to my character's constitution whether the trap was effective; I might still die, but at least give me a chance.

Also, a trap that can kill you at level 10 shouldn't even be felt by a level 60, while a level 60 trap should send a level 10 back into his mom's womb with such force that his dad can feel it.

Failing to disarm a trap should be like failing to pick lock a door.  You just try try again.  (No damage)
Need to put delays in pick locking as well as traps as in MajorMud.

- or

Failing to disarm a trap you take damage but the trap is disarmed from being sprung and hitting you.  And reengaged normally after the time delay. 

- or

Failing to disarm the trap causes 20% of traps total damage.

As far as thieves.  I got some expansion ideas for races/classes.