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Started by strantheman, August 29, 2010, 09:24:58 PM

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I would like to assist the devs in giving players the ability to do something like:

/email Kap Dude, can you be at keys at 8pm?

/tweet myMudTwitterName @THRAG123 @Mersinary99 @Duhh_mud Wtfpwned Soul today. Here's the cap:   

/tweet myRealTwitterName @Greatermud Come geek out in a text based mud. Yes, they still exist, and this one lets you tweet from in game! #greatermud

/text Easy I hung again. I fucking suck. Im at 66,9999.

/text Kap Attacked.

I have discussed this topic with Deathcow a bit, and Gardner briefly, and The Crazy Animal suggested I begin by posting the idea here in the public forum. This post is purely to plant the seed of the idea in people's brains. The exact implementation, security, web based administration of the settings and white lists, and what the happy medium is between usability for the player and comfort level for the devs can come later. For now lets try to punch some holes in this and see if it can still fly.

Allow players to communicate with each other from inside the game with a simple slash command.


  • Help exploit the Greatermud BBS by giving it some much needed visibility on the web
  • Give players something cool that normal Mud is never going to have
  • Take advantage of player's egos and their need to tell the world about their exploits, and talk smack on a whole new level
  • Help users stay connected from anywhere.

I'm a web developer, and would like to help Greatermud grow. Obviously the devs have to buy in for this to happen, but I am willing to take ownership of this little piece.

Of course we don't just want the command to allow a message to be sent to any e-mail address - we don't want the server to be abused. Instead of allowing the user to send to an e-mail address (/email hi) I considered using a complex key that I could give to my gang members. (/email FSD3-DDAW3-SDFE hi). Deathcow pointed out that this was too complex, so he suggested using a white list instead. I believe this would work for both /email and /text and would ensure these features are only used for their intended purpose.

Part of this project would involve me creating a web based interface for the Greatermud players where they could link their Twitter accounts, set their e-mail address, and their cell phone number. They would also be able to setup a white list for /text and /email where they indicate which Greatermud users (not mud player names, the BBS usernames) they want to allow to text or email them.

There is a huge trend toward social networking in games on every platform, from PS3, Xbox, PC, and mobile device. You can post to Facebook when you get an achievement on your Xbox, you browse the auction house from your iPhone in WoW, and one yet to be released game proposes allowing players to receive text messages when an item has completed crafting while the player is offline.

Thank you for reading.
Kap - PVP Realm

I like the idea it does need some work though. I passed it onto Vitoc but I'm not sure if he got around to reading it.

Hi Animal

It does need work, but I'm just glad to continue the thought.

I would very much enjoy creating a hello world so I can become familiar with exactly what is required on your end.

Kap - PVP Realm

this good idea u twittermud @twitter u see me hangup ha ha

I'm extremely discouraged by the lack of response in any way from anyone at GM.
Kap - PVP Realm

Sorry the disinterest has nothing to do with the idea.

Well me personally, I don't tweet or have a facebook account.  And why would anyone want to be griefed with mud while living life.  I just assume to think positive and hope when I do return to keys I'm still running circles. Because there's not much I can do about it if I'm not home.