Witchunter EQ expansion.

Started by Wad, January 29, 2020, 11:42:15 PM

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     Currently, level 35 is the last level for any kind of shield a WH can use (Red Chitin Shield). None of the level 50/60/80 armor sets include a shield option.

      WH only get 3 choices for wristwear, and since you can wear 2 of them, not really much of a choice when one of them is the quest item to get to the Apparatus Quest. This leaves the only real wrist items       
      they can use are Sunstone and Ruby Bracelet.

    Iron earrings and Crimson earrings are the only items to wear in this slot.

Shield expansion has been discussed and is likely. As for wrist items and earrings the issue is coming up with a reasonable item without using magic (magic bad!). Give me a reasonable benefit and a non-magical way to provide it that isn't just magic called something else and we will look at it. For example...by adding weight to the crimson scale gauntlets an effect of increased damage can be supported.

Witchies do need some work in general. Everyone is free to post more gear gaps/thin spots they have or ideas for boosting them as a class.
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I feel like the badges are not as useful as they could be. If you are not playing Kang then many of the mobs that use magic mitigated by badges also have poison. For me this is making it so that badges are rather useless against any non-poison mob at my level. Maybe if the black badge reduced the duration of poison. I think I would even be open to something that made the poison run its course faster but also increased the damage. For example instead of 5 damage for 10 rounds it could be 10 damage for 5 rounds. This would help to clear the poison soon enough to get some rest before a respawn.

Another option might be to make one of the badges mitigate another magic. Perhaps one used by one of the lesser dragons (white, red or blue). Since there are not a lot of armor upgrades for witchunters between 40 and 60 it would be nice if the level 50 badge did more to help in that level range.