Aerial Travel?

Started by FuckingHostile, May 20, 2006, 03:04:49 AM

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Implementation of an aerial travel system might be easy and cool. Once you gain a specific item or ability flag, (say you do a quest for some secksy air dude and he grants you an ability to access this) you could access a sky-high "trail" of sorts. This might only be accessible from extremely high points in the world such as: Storm Mountain, above khazarad, DT hills, or DW forest treetops(!!!), and would only allow exit at the same points. This would offer a secondary means of easier long distance travel besides the portals/planes that currently exist.

Where, this might be a cool idea for majormud, It is either exactly what I am doing or in direct conflict with it.  I dunno if anyone ever played M&M Xeen, but my world is like that, in that it is a two sided with a cloud world on each side.