EXP Scaling

Started by Xeeg, May 11, 2012, 05:19:10 PM

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Does anyone else think that the exp scale is just too much? It seems like a waste of game to spend 3 weeks ripping through 3/4 of the content and 5 months grinding the rest of it, waiting for a reset.

What if we could spend more time in the lower levels, and less in the end? This would give a little more life to the early game content and reduce the months of grinding an area over and over later in the game.

Combined with a "win condition" (see other post) this could help make the game a little more exciting and enjoyable. I'm not saying it should take a day to get from level 1-2 and from 50-51, but no level should take over a week if you are scripting like the best possible area for your character.