Roll over Damage.

Started by Devious, March 22, 2011, 08:00:34 PM

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Has the concept of roll over damage ever been considered? I know that a lot of times I'm casting or hitting for well over the targets hp's.

(So, in a mob of 2 or more, the damage would lapse over to the next target.)

Just a random idea....

kinda like if i squish a can with more pressure than needed to squish it, the extra energy that wasnt needed on that can carrys over to the next can in line to be squished? naaa

Yeah, but wouldn't it be sweet to watch 1 round mash a whole mob? :)

I think the only conflict that you'd run into, is room spells. They would still only carry as much weight as they normally do.

Just a random, I'm stoned, idea. :)