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Right now perception sucks besides being about to search out items/passages.

Maybe when you have higher perception (this could be a CP thing, so you'd really have to sacrifice something else to increase this) you wouldn't have to search to find hidden items.

A character with high perception might find a stash without having to search every room.

Also have hidden passages be open to them without searching sometimes.

Maybe have someone with high perception be able to see characters sneak into the room without the sneaking character know they've been spotted?
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It seems you didn't know that perception is a bs defense statistic. I wouldn't assume that many people do.

Taken from the core Mmud help file:


This secondary stat is quite useful, in a variety of ways. Its most common
function is used while searching for secret doors and traps, and while
searching rooms for concealed items. It also affects your chances of surviving
a backstab attempt-- characters with high Perception have a much greater
probability of foiling an ambusher's surprise attack.

Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. I wonder if it actually works that way?

Still, being aware of hidden items and passageways would be cool.
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LOL after reading the TRAPS thread... perception can also help you see traps maybe.

Obvious exits: north, armed trap south.
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I would agree with this... On things being perception driven.

I think that perception vs backstab is an old style defense, you would notice them sneak into the room and it would break the stealth so they couldnt backstab. With the stealth quest, and changes to stealth I beleive it was superseeded.

What do you other old players feel on this? I never really played a backstab class in the early versions. I should test this on the old server i have.

Pretty sure perception giving bs defense was never "superceded". Your perception is a flat value, exactly the same way that all monsters have a Bs Defense value, and this is supposed to have some affect on whether bses hit or not.

For an example, moaning spirits in the Ancient Crypt have a Bs Defense of 60, which is why they're a pain to backstab. If you dig further, you'll see some monsters with even more. Zanthus the Lich has 250, so this should give you an idea of the scale from early to late in the game.

I would surmise that the MMUD engine is directly rolling the bs'd char's perception vs the attacker's bs acc+normal acc, or something very close to that.