Item for Negating good points

Started by Lazarus, June 15, 2010, 08:59:41 PM

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We should have an item that you can keep in your inventory that will keep you from getting good points.   For those that want to stay evil .. or stay neutral.   One of the things I hate the most is trying to use my neutral questor and having to come down out of stone giants or something just to get an evil point every few days.

Rather than an item I'm in favor of it simply being a profile setting.

Yeah well... That would work too.. but an Item could play into the 'theme' of Mud .. or storyline or something..

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Bad idea it good that you get off that mt every so often and go pvp to get some eps. That Item Idea is only good for the pansy (no pvp)not wanting to ever leave their exp spots and see how fast the can reach the top spot of the realm.  Boring this for only GirlyRealm
get to keys more and play once in a while you still get to script.
, oh the Joy of hanging others or killing for the Eps.
I think your Eps should be Much more for attacking NPC's or they should all give you a instant death spell after they are attacked like Giovanni

Death Spell      [horrible curse(486), EndCast [gypsy withering(487), EndCast [death curse(488), Damage 1000], AC -10, MaxDamage -5, for 4 rounds], for 20 rounds]

In my thinking this way you seek out more players more pvp. and no Eps for the ones that drop spells.

This is a very good concept and would be simple to implement by adding a new ability.

Well if you do something like this it should be only be an option for a non-pvp Realm/setup.
I can't see why you"ll want this in a pvp realm.

It is perfect for the non-pvp tho, I think.