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Started by Silvix, December 22, 2009, 09:13:29 PM

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My idea is fairly simple. This would really help out the beginer characters but it would be a nice way to earn money while you are low level. The idea is simply to offer jobs around the realm. Different jobs yeild different payouts of course. The harder the job, the more you get paid, ect. But a simple way to compare this is like the apple pies trick. You goto mother woodward, get the pies, take them back to the barmaid for a few silver. Same scenario, but other jobs would be nice. Could be simple things like killing so many of a certain monster, the more you kill, the more you get. This is a rough draft idea and may have been brought up already but I couldn't find anything on this topic or anything related.

sounds like a fun concept :)
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I'm all for adding small quests like this to the game, its similar to how mmorps like eq2, and others felt.

I guess this is like the Orc heads? collected for exp but now just add money too per head. instead of the 500 gold for 50 heads.
I can see how this could go.  Have all monsters that u can get $$ for drop a head and take them to guildmaster for $$ or someone for $$

Yeah. There are technically jobs in place already, like you said, orc-heads are one of them. I feel we could easily implement some new ones, just ways to stack up money sooner without relying on your gang or going to ridiculously hard areas known for have lots of stockpiled cash like the orc barracks.

I dont like the idea, simply because it feels like morpgs, and not majormud

How so? Orc-heads are along the lines of this idea and that still exists in the game. Same with the apple pies thing. It could be level restricted, say, after level 15 you can't do it to make it balanced. Technically, morpgs are like MMUD if you think about it... mmud was first.