Started by aukey, May 30, 2006, 11:57:25 AM

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 I made 6 new races, they are for the most part done. Except one race shouldn't be able to wear pants and I haven't got that part to work yet.  If you want them, I can email them to you.  Let me know.


Races are fairly simple to code in, if you'd like to you can make posts for each race so they can be discussed in the ideas section.  I'm only planning to add races that, filling some kind of need.  IE fill a niche that isnt fill by another race.  Also posting things like this in an open discussion tends to bring about discussion of other needs and problems with other races.  Thanks.

Well, why don't you check out the alchemist class I sent you. Maybe just we just take up one thing up at a time.