Changelog updated for 1/20/23 patch

Started by Winterhawk, October 19, 2022, 10:07:14 AM

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October 19, 2022, 10:07:14 AM Last Edit: January 20, 2023, 05:12:51 PM by Winterhawk
Fixes in the caster's hard trainer section
Multicolored staff now a multicolored scepter usable by all
The text block for summoning the nexus portal now works for all classes.
A few monster errors and some message errors


Bug fixes
fixed the entrance to spiked overlord
fixed the caster section of the hard trainer so all classes can go through it
fixed some message errors
removed some mobs from Shadowmere that were not complete yet.

trollskin sandals now appropriately mystic only
thornflayer poison changed and exp tuning
mausoleum treasure room tuning
some message errors fixed
more of shadowmere mobs added (more to come)

Increases/adds chest drop chances in Baenglen
Defensive tuning on some Albion monsters
Wraith spiders accuracy tuned down
Thornflayer accuracy/attacks tuned up
Adds skyterror immobilize to roar cancel/adds roar cancel to skyterror
Fixes erroneous prefix on Flesh Shaper
More magic level relaxing on non-undead in Albion

Tweaked regen on Terra fuego beach
Tweaked regen in the gremlin inn
REALLY added see hidden to elder redcaps
fixed bronze ganghouse sign

added room regen speed to the profile command


Increased weathered satchel drop rate and % chances on opening
Level 20 versions of crypt quest weapons can now be bought in Blackwater
Key drop rate increased for lumbering geist
Added see hidden to elder redcap
Some restructuring and/or filling out of shops in Kingsport (ongoing)
Fixes magic level of Flesh Shaper
Fixes shrieking blast message
Highland spinner silk drop lowered
Revamp of some Fuego beach areas
Removes plague summon from rotting fachan
Increased spawn rates/maximums in Blackwater Jewelry
Casting difficulty tuned down on some new spells
A few lair changes in Lower Bristlewood for uniformity
Fixed spellbreaker summon in some gang houses
Fixed dread wraith summon spell
Fixed max bs damage on greater shadowform
Fixed a few messages


Fixed the two shops in Kingsport black market
Fixed the brass house rubbish room
Increased captain's stars to max of 2
fixed the prev settingss on the cleric 5th quest weapons
a few message fixes

Fixed kai power purify
Fixed a few message errors
Fixed messaging for kai barrier... megamud needs a message fix to complete it, in the messages tab find the entry for kai barrier and move the line of text in the "response" field to the "ends with" field.
Fixed summoning of spellbreakers
Arena practice dummies are now hittable by undead spells
Balancing on Rugged Plateau monsters - reduced accuracy/dmg output, minor defensive adjustments
Balancing on Terra Fuego monsters- reduced accuracy/dmg output, minor defensive adjustments
Balancing on Aerathyn monsters- reduced accuracy/dmg output, minor defensive adjustments
Balancing on Terra Ista monsters- reduced accuracy/dmg output, minor defensive adjustments
Balancing on Albion monsters- reduced accuracy/dmg output, minor defensive adjustments
Fixed a few rooms where random spawns were incorrect
Increased rope, torch and lantern spawn rates and maximums in Lost City General
Adjustments made on Renfry's quests to prevent getting stuck with quest items after completion
Adds mechanism to destroy Renfry quest components if desired
Adds replacement mechanism for Renfry's quest rewards

Fine tuning done on several room spell script areas
Giant war dogs increased exp
Fine tuning of a few excessively accurate/damaging mobs on Rugged Plateau
Fine tuning in mod 7 catacombs
Crystal lake connection level 30 limited
Fine tuning on ocean monsters for accuracy/defensive/damage levels
Revert smash changes to the previous method where

634 giant war dog
702-705 mod 7 catacombs mob tuning
2140-2154 tuning on ocean mobs
2308-2318 rugged plateau range - some toning down of excess accuracy on a few mobs
2688 vampire bat for caves

1st run at fixing cleanup lag
added the set keep command
minor tweak to stat all damage calc

Hi, is there an MME export for this? All the old links have expired. Thanks!

There's a forum post somewhere that has attachments.

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Quote from: Guntz on October 23, 2022, 09:37:00 PMThere's a forum post somewhere that has attachments.

Thanks. Found it:

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