Started by Xeeg, March 10, 2015, 08:59:20 AM

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This bug doesn't seem to do anything but you never know mission creep on these things. It says im QND when i have 0 enc and arm a weapon.

You are carrying pine wand
You have no keys.
Wealth: 0 copper farthings
Encumbrance: 10/3120 - None [0%]
Name: Xeeg Mindless                    Lives/CP:      7/0
Race: Kang        Exp: 105893          Perception:     41
Class: Ninja      Level: 1             Stealth:        49
Hits:    38/38    Armour Class:   5/1  Thievery:        0
                                       Traps:          31
                                       Picklocks:      29
Strength:  65     Agility: 60          Tracking:       25
Intellect: 40     Health:  60          Martial Arts:   52
Willpower: 45     Charm:   40          MagicRes:       43
[HP=38]:arm pine
You are now holding pine wand.
You are extremely quick and deadly with this weapon.
[HP=38]:a two
*Combat Engaged*
You swings at at TwoGirlz, but he dodges out of the way!
You say "aweee!"
*Combat Off*

I squashed this one. The qnd Calc was checking swings against encumbrance % and not max swings. Pretty silly really, but this message was near impossible to get except in slim situations.

Qnd also enhanced to show you how many crits you get.

Only took 7 years, but hey, we're gettin things squared away. :)