2022 Changelog

Started by Winterhawk, September 11, 2022, 08:07:31 PM

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September 11, 2022, 08:07:31 PM Last Edit: September 12, 2022, 12:18:57 PM by Winterhawk
Bug Fixes:
  * Fixed a bug that prevented players from breaking sneak when hit with a room effect spell
  * Fixed a bug that prevented the fail message to display from the failability textblock part
  * Retuned how a few textblock parts are processed
  * Enhanced QnD messaging, now properly tells you when you are qnd and also shows you how many crits you gained
  * Fixed a message bug that occassionally happened when joining a gang.
  * Fixed a bug that caused monsters to run around after a player hangs
  * Fixed a bug that prevented cleanup from running daily
  * Fixed a bug that was causing people to take PVP hang penalties in PVE situations
  * Fixed a bug that was allowing weapon procs to cast against creatures it shouldn't affect.
  * Fixed a bug with nowhere items having to do w/ level restrictions and dropping/adding items
  * Fixed a bug that treated negative dodge values as positive when calculating dodge percent.
  * If you kill a mob with shockshield and you're engaged with them you should now get xp.
  * Fixed the messaging associated with the flex command
  * Fixed a bug that caused people to die multiple times or not die at all when taking lethal damage. (some of this is already in
  * Fixed a bug that allowed you to drag someone along on a griffon ride
  * Fixed a messaging bug associated with following and getting stuck
  * Confusion effects should now correctly impact combat-round spells
  * A bug was found and fixed relating to monster energy usage in combat. Previously monsters would often fall short of fulfilling
    their correct energy usage, resulting in incorrectly lessened monster actions. Expect monsters to pack a little bit more punch,
    particularly if they have an assortment of attacks with varied energy costs.
  * Negate messages should now correctly be associated with the player who negates them rather than party members
  * Various undocumented minor bug fixes
Code Changes:
  * Widened Villan EP Cap (Villain range caps at +299.99 Evil Points)
  * Smash damage now subtracts DR BEFORE applying the smash multiplier instead of AFTER
  * Mystics now must type po/pow to list their powers instead of sp/spells more in line w/ stock
  * When spawning gang house guards, you will now get a message if it fails
  * Ignoring a player now ignores actions performed by that player as well as invites, gang invites, and pages
  * Jumpkicks are now slightly faster (2950 -> 2900 weapon speed)
  * added the wealth and health commands
  * Enhanced the abil command, can now type abil ### and get a total for that ability
  * Increased the number of coins you can deposit/withdraw previos cap was 9 digits or (999999999 copper) can now go up to 12
  * Added the set statline full custom (which is the same as set statline custom) because that's used by mega
  * sys jail is now implemented, consider yourself warned
  * Upped the number of deaths that show on profile from 3 to 5
  * Party size is now limited to a maximum of 6 players. Each rank (front, mid and back) is now limited to a max of 3 party
    Midrank and Backrank have had BS Accuracy penalties applied, as well as retaining the accuracy penalties and defensive bonuses
    they previously had.
  * Tracking scaling has been retuned, with emphasis on being able to track people for longer as you gain Tracking skill
  * Rob skill has been revisited. You can now steal either items, cash or both. Appropriate limits are in place.
  * Required strength on weapons will now be correctly checked, with associated penalties applied if below required strength.
  * Meditate should now display ticks in line with the old game, allowing MegaMUD to correctly utilize its flux spell feature.
  * The amounts of stat points needed to gain perception have been lowered modestly. As a result, all players will have a little
    bit higher floor for perception/bs defense, while those wishing to stat into and stack it will also gain added benefit.
  * Price of purchasing lives has been shifted to a config file setting, allowing the realms to have different costs per life.
  * PVP ONLY - Previously we added a dampening effect on BS damage in PVP, which reduces final BS damage vs a pvp target by a
    percentage. This effect has been raised slightly.
    New: Critical hit damage dampening has been added to the PVP realm, which reduces final critical hit damage by 20% in PVP             
    combat only.
    These effects are intended to allow players to scale into late game while still having exciting and enjoyable pvp fights.
  * Various minor undocumented changes

New features:
  * Enchants - Players can learn and use various enchants that enhance auto-combat attacks and backstabs. Warlocks gain the lion's
    share of the targettable enchants, although many classes have access to some of their own. This should help unlock fun new
    combinations for those who enjoy grouping with friends or playing their characters together, as well as providing a boostto a
    solo character's attacks.
  * Absorb - New mechanic allows a spell to absorb a range or set amount of incoming damage, removing the absorb spell when the
    maximum absorbable damage is taken. Two classes (Gypsy and Mystic) have absorb spells along with several new monsters
  * Patrol - New monster movement mechanic allows monsters to move within their correct spawn areas. We're starting with limited,
    careful usage of this ability where it makes sense, with more to come in the future! Example of a monster with patrol: Lord of
    the Hunt
  * Vile Ward - A version of protection from evil used by evil characters. Outlaw & Criminal receive 50% of the amount listed on
    spells and items. Villain and Fiend receive 100%.
  * Action command - A standard of the old game finally arrives on GreaterMUD. Lists available emote actions.
  * Help system - The help system has finally been implemented! Use ? or help to begin.
  * Look at spells - You can now look at spells/powers in your list to view a brief description of their purpose
  * Look at items - Looking at items now shows remaining uses left on the item. Items can also be looked at in shops, and gang
    shops in particular to see how many charges may be left on the item you wish to purchase.
  * Look at monsters - Looking at monsters now shows what duration spells are currently on that monster
  * Various new shops added
  * Stock adjustments made on many shops
  * Many new items available for purchase
  * Most if not all new drops can be sold somewhere
  * A new trainer!

  * NPP portal added to Rugged Plateau
  * New areas west of Kingsport
  * New areas east of Blackwood Forest
  * Seagulls retuned
  * Walrus retuned
  * Tuning of lairs in all worms areas
  * Limestone caverns (non manscorpion) lair structure adjusting, new area(s) added
  * Terra Ista and Terra Fuego retuning/lair structure adjustments
  * Several old undead areas improved
  * Many new undead areas added
  * Retuning of ice wraiths
  * Devourers retuned
  * Mod 7 Catacombs mob exp review + lair structure tuning
  * Foul Roost tuning
  * Desert Vultures tuning
  * Gremlins retuned (Abandoned Inn)
  * Various new places within "old" areas
  * Scorched caverns retuned
  * Various bosses drop rates revisited
  * A good amount of new bosses have been added
  * Mausoleum retuned with vampire monsters having some attacks/between round spells changed
  * Stony Meadow tuning
  * Infernal Cavern tuning
  * Void work
        New rifts to shortcut across the void
        See hidden now present in void
        Monsters in void have been retuned for exp value/defenses
  * Dinosaur monsters retuned in exp/defenses
  * Several new "endgame" areas addded
  * Various undocumented minor changes to areas

  * Darkbane quest and Draka's quest have been changed to give a chance to acquire the reward per turn in. Once acquired, the
    player is flagged and cannot re-do the quest.
  * Retchweed can now be gathered from giant two-headed troll's room if he happens to be dead
  * New Gypsy quest
  * New War/Pal/Cleric quests
  * New Thief class quest
  * New Witchunter quest
  * New quest to unlock a new endgame ship destination
  * Young Priests and Missionaries can learn protection from evil for free from the Bishop in Silvermere

  * MANY new monsters and bosses
  * Cracked plain monster adjustments
  * Black fort boss times reduced + CoB
  * Zanthus drop rates adjusted
  * Remik drop rates adjusted
  * spore zombie tweaks
  * Various new drops on bosses all across the realm
  * Various boss drop rates redone
  * Horned spiders exp bump
  * New drops on many mobs
  * Canimera retuned
  * crimson mist retuned
  * Various drop rates on monsters adjusted
  * Various minor undocumented monster tweaks/adjustments

  * Added a new item that can allow access to areas of Ancient Fortress that were previously class-gated.
    Access does not necessarily equal ability to achieve reaching the end of these areas. You may need to bring friends to help.
  * Griffon shield no longer spawns in slums, and is instead only obtainable from low-end chests
  * No more limited items exist in the realm
  * Red chitin crafting costs revisited
  * New armor crafting options
  * Opaline crystals now have more sources and higher drop rates
  * Adjustments to a huge variety of chests - many items have additional sources now
  * Some evil priestly items now also negate deeply bite
  * Holy avenger prev lowered. A new blunt mirror of avenger has been added.
  * Darkbane has had prev removed with some crits added
  * Various items that were previously good or evil only are now NotEvil, NotGood
  * Hydra key has more uses before breaking
  * Many tweaks to item pricing so that items have incentive to be sold
  * Many new items
  * Mid to high end blunt weaponry improved
  * Cleric can now wear star helm
  * Stone signet now also negates breath attacks of undead deep in Crumbling Temple
  * New class of weapons added for Priest: Censer/Relic - slow swinging weapons with magic procs that damage undead
  * Several new chests with combinations of both old and new items
  * New midgame-level Gypsy gear available for purchase

  * Many new player-learnable spells have been added to the game. Some can be learned by all classes of their magic type, while
    some are class only. Use your MME spell list to find the sources (NPCs, shops or kai autolearn) and learn your new spells!
  * Adjustments have been made on some of the spells learned from the gaunt one NPC in Blackwater resulting in better/longer growth
  * Way of the rat should now properly and fully protect from poisons
  * Various spell numerical adjustments
  * Righteousness and blood ritual now priest 2
  * Several confuse spells that were missing fumble messages are now fixed
  * Various undocumented adjustments to monster-used spells

  * Duration of Blackwater to Kingsport ship route has been halved
  * Mausoleum coffins now work and are placed where they were previously missing
  * Various adjustments to cash drops around the realm