Daylight Savings Bug and Exploits

Started by bonecold, November 06, 2022, 12:07:18 PM

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Last night as many of you are aware, there was a bug which prevented combat rounds from going off for an hour. During this time on the PvP realm, Mouth (and Data?) decided to use this opportunity to rob some gang houses. One of these houses belonged to Megaslobb & Rolaids and as a result of being robbed during an active bug occurrence, Megaslobb decided to quit and reroll.

It's not explicitly laid out in the rules but I think it's pretty common sense that knowingly and intentionally taking advantage of bugs or exploiting bugs is probably against the rules. I might not have quit so hastily in Megaslobbs position but it would be really nice to get some kind of official response on this. Is this behavior allowed / accepted? I was not personally affected by any of this and didn't die or lose any items but it would be nice to have some clarity going forward about similar scenarios.