2021 Reset Rules and download links

Started by Winterhawk, June 01, 2021, 11:00:13 AM

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June 01, 2021, 11:00:13 AM Last Edit: December 07, 2021, 03:12:44 PM by Winterhawk
The long awaited resets for GreaterMud are finally here!
PvP will be resetting on 6/12 at 10 am mountain time.
PvE will follow two weeks later on 6/26 at 10 am mountain time.
The boards will go offline the day before to allow maintenance
and prep then be brought back up the morning of the resets.

The rules for the realms will be as follows:

PVP rules
10 level pvp range
Hang penalties are set for 20% of your total hitpoints
1 character per person or IP, no exceptions
No teleport tokens
Lives can be bought at healers for 1 runic each
No alignment changes
Experience required to buy a gang house is set at 400 million
No Op interference at all, this is a hardcore realm and the only
Op involvement will be monitoring dupe rule breakers

PvE rules
One char per person until your character reaches level 50, then a second is allowed.
Ganghouses are not a fortress. They can and will be broken into, so place your valuables accordingly
Lives can be bought at healers for 1 runic each
No alignment changes will be given

Experience required to buy a gang house is set at 400 million
No playing chars with op powers and a general hands off approach
No griefing - Griefing includes but is not limited to: Harassment, spamming, dragging monsters
onto someone's script, robbing deathpiles. We reserve the right to include other forms of griefing that may not be listed. Continued griefing may result in your expulsion from the PvE realm for the remainder of the reset.
One retraining of stats will be allowed per person maximum so have a care building your characters.
Since this is a friendly realm and nobody is likely to change anyone's
mind let's keep politics out of the public channels.
Page/Telepath bombing is not allowed.
First kill limiteds are in place.
Failure to set up your megamud properly is your fault, not ours.

Inactive and Idle Players with Limited Items

There are very few limited items left, however inactive (not logged on) and/or Idle (online but not earning experience) accounts with limited items will be stripped.  If you hide somewhere and come out once a week to kill one or two monsters that will NOT be considered active and your account is still subject to being stripped.

Racial Slurs (All Realms)
Not allowed over gossips.  Period.  If you simply MUST use them then you will confine them to gang paths, telepaths, and broadcasts.  If the person you are talking to is offended by them then you will stop.

Flaming (Non PVP Realm)
Don't do it.  If you know the person won't be offended, that's fine.  If someone asks you to stop, uhh.... stop.

Download links
MME 6-12 final https://gofile.io/d/sUBEbE
Greater megamud installer with updated default paths and items/monsters/spells/messages.
greater megamud 1.3 https://gofile.io/d/R1ckmY

Greater Mud Explorer exe (drop this exe in the regular mme installation folder to see gmud specific information) https://gofile.io/d/5EUxO3

Hey Winter. Gmud MME link is dead. FYI. Thanks

December 24, 2021, 04:53:08 PM #3 Last Edit: September 11, 2022, 07:58:03 PM by Winterhawk
https://gofile.io/d/juZFGo MME export

temporary link until Winter can refresh the links
https://greatermud.wordpress.com/ GreaterMUD Reference and Downloads