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GreaterMUD / Re: 2022 Push - Thoughts on t...
Last post by Fujin - April 21, 2023, 11:40:17 PM
I forgot to add in to the boat travel and fee's part, but maybe expand the ice worms and add a worm boss... and along with adjusting the levels of the boatrides, also adjust the costs it plays into the part about cash. By the time you can even take those trips, the cash cost doesn't really matter(if i'm remembering it correctly). I had more but when I was sorting my thoughts, work kicked my ass.
GreaterMUD / 2022 Push - Thoughts on the s...
Last post by Fujin - April 21, 2023, 11:11:25 PM
First i'd like to say, thanks for the hard work that gets put into this game by Winter, Rhalin and Greater. I think no other MMUD tries to stick to the essence that is the game like GMUD does while also improving the game and as a player, I truly appreciate what ya'll do for the game. Personally I'd like to bring up a few things about the game that I thought were good, bad, ugly and just speak my mind on the state of the game in an attempt to help provide some constructive feedback and possibly help improve the game.

The first thing I'd like to mention is base stats and their values/importance & affect on race choices. I personally believe the value of agility due to the sheer number of things affected by it make it considerably more valuable of a stat for nearly every class, casters it being primarily a defensive stat rather than an everything stat like it is for melee. Strength is only beneficial to maintain your encumbrance, the damage scaling from it compared to what you see on gear, makes it laughable as an investment choice outside of maintaining ENC unless you have no other stat to raise.  With agility being one of the highest valued stats for most players, This affects race choice considerably. Personally I think each race has a pretty good use case except half-ogre. H-ogre's are the one race that were seen as that giant lumbering oaf that hits slow but hard, and are considerably more tanky when looking at other races, I don't feel this really fits them anymore due to how valuable agility and subsequently dodge are. Whether its some of the stat value needs to be redistributed or h-ogres themselves need a little love, I'd say maybe a little of both but nothing considerably drastic. I can lay out numbers and stat values/weights but tldr is agility has way too much going for it and hogres min/max stats make it a dead race choice in comparison to other races.

Second thing being item power and mob spell variety. The one specific example this push is snakeskin boots. They were straight up made near worthless and no longer protect from the poison they were originally designed to help the player with, and make mermex (and some other low level poison areas) less deadly(I'm assuming that was the items intent by the poison it blocked(83)) all because Mermex's poison 83, is used some 20?ish(I think i counted like 22 before i stopped long ago) times across monsters spanning levelling ranges 15-70. I personally think poison spells should be re-addressed in the game and given level range uses based on the type, rather than overusing/taxing one specific spellID causing low level items to unintentionally spike in power. This particular issue led to making thornflayers an avoid/unscriptable area because of the changes made there.

I can't personally expound on the third thing which would be witchy's getting pigeon holed into one spot repeatedly while leveling. Reveal, Cash, Dij and Masta can give more info about this as they experienced it this push.

Fourth is dupe requirements. I personally think making dupes being required at 60 was a great change and would like to see it actually moved to level 70/75 so that the realms are less crowded for longer, it becomes a choice of power leveling the dupe or maintaining a leaderboard spot and it promotes people at keys/working together for boss chasing longer, which continues the liveliness of the realm. Once dupes come into play and especially when both toons hit that 70+ range, realm activity dies off and overcrowding happens because of perceived/actual limited choices for scripting.

The new 200 runic spells - magic/magic classes. I think this is a neat idea and added value to hybrids but also made them completely outclass some of the pures(at least when talking warlock/gypsy/mage.) which should never be a thing, in DND a hybird is never better than a pure class type in whatever field of specialization they're in, it just doesn't make sense. Now, maybe thats just the magic system or the beginnings of class/spell adjustments that need to be made, showing itself in this push but a gypsy shouldn't be able to sleep mobs better than a pure mage, when its a mage's spell. Now if the classes were moving to something like: gypsy's are debuffers, warlocks are buffers and mages are cannons... then its probably just a reassignment of spells or a rebuild of the magic class system showing its necessity.

The Boat travel levels & fee's. I think Ista and Fuego's level requirements should be reduced, kingsport really hurt them as zones. I know Fuego has more in the works but while it can be a good hiding spot for PVP and there is some ok exp to be had there, the level requirement makes the zone obsolete when compared to what else is available at those levels. As far as Ista, its kind of in the same boat as fuego but not as bad considering it has 2 (out of the 3) bosses there that are worthwhile. With that being said though, I think between those 3 bosses some of the loot should be redistributed to make doing the ice troll boss worthwhile, as i see it there is no point in killing him other than for that busted plate helm.

room stacking was absolutely awwwwwwwwwwfffffffffuuuuullllllllllllll this push. Rooms never unstacked themselves and would just straight pile in if anyone sprinted their way through like a tonka truck, especially at zone seperations. Entrance to upper deeps, rugged plateau spots, dwarven guards in khaz/red tunnels, the dwarven mines themselves are a few places that come to mind where it was just awful with how extra spicy it was, with no real unfucking it unless a mage came along.

Baenglen's design is completely asymmetric and has a boss with the most valuable chest in the game as its sole drop source. On PVE and PVP this is incredibly easy to guard and hold onto, and with it being the only source of this one chest, i think it should be changed. Either lengthen the burning bar outrun and make it bi-directional or open up the eastern baen exit to bidirection or build up the town to be a little bigger, this is the only town in the game that has exactly 1 way to gain access. As a side note, there is absolutely no warning or room descriptions on the cart path indiciating you're about to get buttfucked in the mouth by the cart path trap, usually there is some kind of indicator whether openly or discreet differences... idk how much this matters considering most people just MME it and see it anyway, i just felt it was annoying that you hit some kinda cart trap and there was no description indicators subtle or not and you just have to PRO and check your room to see where it is on mme.

and lastly the value of cash and it's overabundance. In the early game, you have to play smart and work together with friends / gang members to ensure you get cash adjusted around used wisely. it truly affects your quality of life and smoothness of gameplay and matters considerably when you can pickup a few plat here or there and shop an item or buy new spells and even the cost of training early seems expensive. Once you start getting in (trying to recollect here from months ago) the like, 40's and 50's... cash flows considerably... so much so, that it just doesn't matter anymore, training costs no longer matter, there isn't really anything in the shops to buy anymore or at least in enough quantity that affect your cash and it just continually stacks higher and higher. I wanna say by the time i was 60 i had like 1200 runic and I didn't even have the most cash in the gang, it was just worthless. There was nothing that made me go "oh, shit, i cant just blow all this cash on hookers and blackjack." like you had in the early game/early mid game. The one thing that might help is if teleport tokens weren't all the same price, whether it was the lower level requirement ones cost less, or they scaled in cost like training does with your level, plus making training costs a little more to scale with the curve of cash flow or adding some potions that are more available than the arly potions, at the mid/later levels, that can provide buffs like smite or blur, idk... something to that kind of effect that'd make you want to spend money... like being able to buy a really expensive hour long buff of poison immunity. Spitballing here.

These are my thoughts on this push, I'm sure others have other things they noticed and thanks again for keeping the game going.
GreaterMUD / Re: Third Realm - Stock Data
Last post by rifth427 - April 21, 2023, 07:19:23 PM
can't we just start?
GreaterMUD / Third Realm - Stock Data
Last post by Winterhawk - April 21, 2023, 03:16:17 PM
For those with a yearning for the "old days" we have opened a 3rd realm that runs stock data from MMud 1.11p on the improved GreaterMud engine. The realm can be found at option 3 on the menu. The realm will run for a week as a burn in period then will reset for a fresh start. The rules are as follows:

3 level pvp range ( a compromise to allow both pve and pvp styles of play in one realm)
15% HP loss hang penalty
Evil points fade at a rate of 1 per hour
1 character per PERSON/I.P. with NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes remote control like teamviewer
No characters may be used as mules or holders.
No characters may be used as healbots or buffbots, they must gain exp
if in a party.
Characters left sitting in safe rooms for extended periods may find themselves "moved" some random place.
No teleport tokens.
No lives can be bought.
No alignment changes or retrains.
Experience required to buy a gang house is set at 400 million.
Page/Telepath bombing is not allowed, along with spam of any kind.
All limited items are set at classic MMud levels.
Failure to set up your megamud properly is your fault, not ours.
There will be no playing ops in the  realm, and there will be no op
interference aside from actual bug issues, it will be very hands-off.

Racial Slurs
If we see it in a public channel, you will be banned. It's that simple.
Bringing a player's personal information into the game is grounds for banning.
This is a fantasy game, leave the personal information out of it.

We reserve the right to add to this list of rules at any time.
These will always be available in game by typing ? or help rules.

A greater megamud installer just for this game is here:
GreaterMUD / Herb on PVP
Last post by MudHunter - April 08, 2023, 08:08:04 PM
Lets see who everyone thinks this dupe is.
Other / Re: Make early levels great ag...
Last post by Guntz - April 06, 2023, 11:15:57 AM
I think generally, on a new realm, people crank these things out pretty quick, especially if they're trying to keep up w/ the top of the charts. It might seem like a bigger issue now that the realm is rather mature and headed towards a reset.

Also, doing something like this would devalue some of the benefits of playing a low chart to attempt to stay ahead of the rest. I'm looking at you witchunters.

I like the sentiment, and I actually do like realm wide unlocks as a general concept, but I doubt you'll see much in the way of agreement on this particular strategy.
Other / Make early levels great again
Last post by Forest - April 05, 2023, 11:57:41 PM
I have a simple idea that doesn't change the nature of the game to make the early level quests more challenging and meaningful.

Currently, it is just much easier to script instead of stopping to do the level 1-40 quests and then go back and smash them when you are overleveled.

My idea is to lock out training for higher levels until certain bosses or quests are completed the first time on a server.

Level 12 - High Druid - No one on the server can train past level 12 until the High Druid is killed for the first time. Tune the difficulty of the High Druid for a party of 6 optimally geared level 12 characters in order to kill him. Killing him the first time will open up Aldreth to train everyone level 13 and 14. You can still keep stacking experience just like normal even if the trainer is locked out because High Druid hasn't been killed yet, but the first kill cannot be gamed by being overleveled is the basic concept and it becomes a whole server goal because everyone wants to train.

Level 14 - Ice Sorceress - Same as above, except no one can train past 14 until she is killed the first time. Tune her difficulty for this just like above. Every other boss/quest will be the same concept so no more explanations needed.

Level 18 - Champion of Blood

Level 20 - Dao Lord

Level 25 - Dark-Elf Queen

Level 30 - Manscorpion King

Level 35 - Adult Red Dragon

Level 40 - Dark Phoenix

Level 50 - Zanthus

Flame away!
GreaterMUD / Re: Hanging in at keys pvp rui...
Last post by Swan - April 03, 2023, 02:28:22 PM
I think hang penalties aren't a great solution. PVP is fundamentally broken in this game and an overhaul. The devs of this game need a vision for PVP, rather than once a push bandaids that don't fix core game design issues. I appreciate the work they have done in hosting the board, but there are so many easily fixable QoL issues in this game that are ignored. I won't be back next push, and already deleted my char here.
GreaterMUD / Re: Hanging in at keys pvp rui...
Last post by rifth427 - April 02, 2023, 04:32:43 PM
Honestly, hang pens would be hella better.  But only if implemented midway thru game season.

Swan is right.  And we all know it.  And there should be a reason to get gear from someone who hangs and u nearly kill them 30% or less.  Cuz that gear is obviously the only thing that matters even in the slightest when:
1.  You can buy lives.
2.  There are no limiteds.
3.  Mid-game hang pens so newbies don't screw each other over for the gear early on... 

I say mid-game I mean like 2 or 3 months in. 

Can I get a hell yeah?!

Can I get a hallelujah?!
GreaterMUD / Re: Hanging in at keys pvp rui...
Last post by Winterhawk - April 01, 2023, 12:26:39 PM
Chuckle, so many feel the exact same way :) Either way next push you will have the option of recording your vote so people can mock you when you flip-flop later in the game!